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Stainless steel countertops are commonly custom made. Aside from getting the specific size that you need, you can also customize the look of your stainless steel countertop. You can add more features or design options to make it look more attractive.

Edge detailing

You can add texture and life to your stainless steel countertop by having the edges detailed. Edge detailing comes in two forms: acid-etched detailing or vinyl stick-on edge detailing.

In acid etching or acid streaking, acid is used on the stainless steel countertop to create permanent streaks on the stainless steel surface. The acid eats away at the chromium oxide layer which is the armor plating that makes stainless steel shine, rust-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. The acid also causes the metal to dull a little, giving it more texture and difference in luster. Skilled craftsmen and professional builders can do this by hand.

The difficult part about acid etching is getting the acidity level just right. A relatively weak citric acid or ascetic acid solution is usually used for etching. If the acid is too strong, it can completely eat away at the chromium oxide and expose the sensitive metal within. On the other hand, if the acid is too weak, it may not leave any marks at all.

You can enjoy having acid etching done on your stainless steel countertop because it allows you to customize the designs of the etching. You can have any kind of design etched on the surface. However, this procedure takes great skill and precision and can increase the cost of your stainless steel countertop substantially.

If you are on a budget and cannot afford acid etching, you can still have your stainless steel countertop designed with vinyl stick-on borders. These design borders are strips of vinyl with one side inlaid with designs and the other coated with a strong adhesive. They are very affordable, but the design choices are limited.


Your stainless steel countertop comes as a single piece of fabricated metal. Unlike stone countertops, it does not have gaps so it does not have seams. However, installing a countertop onto a surface that is flush against a wall can leave a gap between it and the wall. In this case, you can use rubber seams to close this gap.

These rubber products are curved and have a rough L shape. You can install them by using adhesives. One section of the L should lay flat on the stainless steel countertop surface while the other should curve into and up the wall. Using rubber seams prevents moisture from seeping into the gap between the wall and the countertop.

Other options

You can add washbasins, sinks, and dish-drying surfaces to your stainless steel countertop. These additions are usually molded directly into the raw stainless steel sheet. Additional drainage holes can be cut into the steel, if necessary.

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