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Engineered stone is made up of approximately 93% crushed natural stone along with acrylic, plastic, and polyester resins. It is one of the best composites for making countertops. Countertops made of engineered stone are designed to resist stains, chips, cracks, and even heat. They are non-porous, maintenance-free, and do not require any sealing.

Engineered stone versus granite

Engineered stone countertops are four times stronger than granite countertops, making them less vulnerable to cracking and chipping during transportation, installation, and usage.

Kitchen designers and manufacturers agree that the durability of engineered stone countertops is exceptional. In fact, most of them give lifetime warranty to every engineered stone countertop they sell. According to top manufacturers, it is very unlikely for the surface of an engineered stone countertop to get stains or scratches.

Engineered stone countertops are impervious to common causes of cracks, stains, and breakages. However, because they are still man made, they have limitations, too. These types of countertops can crack but only due to acute environmental conditions like natural calamities and extreme temperatures.

Cracking due to natural calamities

Natural calamities such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions can cause cracks and serious damage to engineered stone countertops just they would to any other solid structure. If the calamity is severe and causes damage to your house, then your engineered stone countertop will likely get damaged, too. Still, engineered stone countertops are so sturdy that only the strong and more intense environmental condition could cause it to crack or break completely.

Cracking due to extreme temperature

Engineered stone countertops can resist heat and burns. They can withstand the mild to moderate intensity hot plates, hot cups of coffee, or hot pots. However, extreme heat conditions like a full-blown fire can cause engineered stone countertops to crack or break completely. They may be able to resist heat, but they cannot endure extremely high temperatures.

Engineered stone countertops cannot survive extreme cold as well. Low temperatures can cause them to break apart or fracture. However, this can only happen if you live in a very cold environment or if a natural calamity involving snow and ice happens in your area and exposes your house to extreme cold.

Taking care of your engineered stone countertop

Unlike a granite countertop that can eventually crack when hot pans are regularly placed on it, an engineered countertop can resist a great amount of heat and does not crack easily. Still, it is advisable for homeowners to avoid putting hot items directly on an engineered stone surface. Use trivets or pot holders. Take care of your engineered stone countertop as you would any other kind of kitchen countertop, and you can be assured that it will serve you for decades.

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