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One of the most popular options in kitchen countertops today is the natural stone kitchen countertop.  A natural stone kitchen countertop is very strong, durable, and can resist many of the common elements that are known to damage kitchen countertops.  Each countertop made of natural stone is unique because each piece of stone is unique, formed over millions of years into its own specific pattern.  So how does a piece of stone, like granite, become a kitchen countertop?  There are many steps involved in granite fabrication resulting in a kitchen countertop and each step brings the granite closer to completion.  

Granite is a very popular stone for fabrication into a kitchen countertop.  The properties of granite make the stone an almost perfect countertop material.  Granite is also a very attractive material to make showcase pieces, such as countertops, out of.  Each piece of granite has a unique pattern of colors and metallic flecks that bring a sense of illumination to the stone.  Any project for the home using granite will need to be completed in one session as the colors present in the granite purchased for the project may never be seen in the same combination in a slab of granite again. 

The first step in granite fabrication is to extract the granite from the earth.  This occurs in quarries all over the nation.  The granite is cut from the earth into large blocks weighing tons by a large saw built specifically for the task.  As the saw cuts through the slab of granite, both the saw and the stone are bathed with a solution of chemicals and water to prevent the saw from overheating and breaking.  There are a few different types of saws that are commonly used for this process and each one performs the same function, just in slightly different ways. 

The next step in the granite fabrication process is to cut the large blocks down to sizes that are more manageable.  The manufacturer uses detailed machinery to cut the large block of stone removed from the quarry into pieces that are suitable to be used as countertop material.  Each individual slab of granite obtained from the large block cut in the quarry is calibrated to a specific length, width, and thickness.  This ensures that all of the pieces used to create the countertop are uniform, which allows the pieces to fit together snugly.

After the granite has been cut down to size, the next step in the fabrication process is to polish the granite.  Granite countertops possess a sheen, almost like glass, on the surface of the countertop.  The polishers used to create the glassy finish incorporate the use of abrasives that slowly wear down the granite to a smooth and uniform appearance.  The length of time that the slab of granite is being polished determines the smoothness of the finish and the glass-like appearance.  When the homeowner is hiring a company to create a custom granite countertop for their home, they may want to request a specific finish for their stone.

Once the granite has been cut to specifications and finished by the polisher, the next step in granite fabrication is to install the new countertop into the home.  This is performed by highly skilled professional with a wealth of experience dealing with the heavy slabs of granite.  The installation of a granite countertop in the home will typically take several hours with a team of several individuals working.  They will position the countertop properly and secure the countertop to the cabinets that will support the countertop.  This is the last step required for granite fabrication into a kitchen countertop.

After the countertop has been installed in the home, the homeowner will be required to perform some simple maintenance to keep their granite countertop looking new.  The countertop will need to be sealed regularly to protect the stone from damage and cleaned on a regular basis to prevent discoloration and staining.  Many individuals that choose granite countertops for their home are very happy with their choice and would recommend purchasing a granite countertop to anyone.

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