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How to avoid mistakes when installing engineered stone countertops E-mail
Installing engineered stone countertops is not exactly a do-it-yourself job. You need to seek the assistance of your engineered stone countertop manufacturer to have your countertop installed correctly in your kitchen. Most manufacturers of kitchen countertops train and certify installers who can help you with setting up your engineered stone countertop.

Installing engineered stone countertops

If you have to install your engineered stone countertop by yourself, make sure you follow the exact directions to avoid mistakes or damage your countertop. Here are the steps on how to install an engineered stone countertop:

1. If you intend to install separate backsplashes for your engineered stone countertop, save it for later. You have to properly install your countertop first.

2. Place your uninstalled engineered stone countertop in place. Secure it by driving the appropriate screws on the cabinet frame. Most models provide special corner blocks where screws can be driven in.

3. To eliminate gaps, scribe the back to accommodate any waves or variations on the wall. Afterwards, reposition the countertop against the wall and secure it again.

4. To cover any gaps between the wall and the top, install separate backsplashes.

Safety measures to avoid installation mistakes

Listed below are some reminders on how to avoid mistakes when installing an engineered stone countertop:

1. Make sure that the measurements of your materials are correct. You should have measured your kitchen area and the size of your countertop beforehand to ensure that your countertop can fit exactly and correctly.

2. Consider the corner and edge style of your engineered stone countertop. To be safe, get an engineered stone countertop with square edges because it can be installed in any kind of kitchen shape. However, if you are sure about the kind of edge style you want, then have it done on your countertop. Do not forget to discuss this to your supplier. Ask for sample profiles to make sure you are getting what you really want.

3. If you have to cut or resize your countertop, make sure to seek the assistance of trained installers. They are less likely to break engineered stone slabs and waste materials.

4. An engineered stone countertop weighs heavier than other countertops. Observe proper handling to prevent it from falling off or slipping off your countertop.

Installation cost

Having your engineered stone countertop installed can cost $50 to $350 per linear foot or more. Because engineered stone countertops are more durable and heavy than other types of kitchen countertops, their installation is more expensive. While a basic laminate installation can cost $15 per square foot, setting up a CaesarStone countertop can cost approximately $200 per square foot.

Make sure to seek the assistance of trained countertop installers to avoid breaking engineered stone slabs and wasting other materials. Remember that you would have to pay additional costs for every damaged material.
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