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Because more and more people are curious about the popularity of using engineered stone for kitchen countertops, the Internet has become a database of many articles on engineered stone countertops. These articles talk about various related topics including the advantages and disadvantages of engineered stone countertops; the actual process of manufacturing, installation, and maintenance; colors and patterns; and pricing. Listed below are some of the most informative online articles on engineered stone countertops that you can read:

Quartz Surfaces: Engineered Stone - The Beauty of Granite Without the Maintenance

This article is featured on's Planning Guide, and it gives a very comprehensive overview of engineered stone countertops. It gives the reasons why engineered stone countertops made from quartz crystal fragments are better than granite countertops. The article basically presents a comparison of the countertops made of engineered stone and those that are made of granite.

The article talks about why quartz is the main component of engineered stone countertops. The manufacturing process that includes grinding, combining, and vibrocompacting is discussed in detail. It also features the colors and appearance of engineered stone countertops in comparison to granite countertops. The article ends with tips on how engineered stone countertops should be installed, cared for, and maintained properly.

Engineered Stone Counters: The New Wave

This article is featured in the Service Magic website. It gives basic information on everything you need to know about engineered stone countertops and the reasons why they have become the latest trend in home furnishing and decoration. The general pricing of engineered stone countertops is also mentioned in the article.

According to the article, engineered stone countertops have several advantages and they are strength and durability, low maintenance features, consistent appearance, scratch resistance, heat and burn resistance, safety on food, wide color and pattern selection, and manufacturer's warranty. The article also talks about the drawbacks of getting engineered stone countertops. Their uniform appearance is one of their major disadvantages, according to the article.

Engineered Stone CaesarStone

This article is a comprehensive source of basic information about CaesarStone, a popular brand of engineered stone countertops. It covers everything you need to know about engineered stone countertops, from its history to the factors that you need to consider when selecting an engineered stone countertop.

The author cites several of the uses of engineered stone and discusses why it is better than other types of stone materials. He categorizes engineered stone according to three basic types: quartz-based, granite-based, and marble- and limestone-based. The author gives a list of the features and advantages of engineered stone countertops which are scratch and stain resistance, finish and polish, easy maintenance, heat resistance, durability, and affordable cost. He also lists down the popular brands of engineered stone countertops that are available at the market today.

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