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7 Suggestions and Tips for Choosing Your Kitchen Countertop E-mail

Natural stone, Ceramic tile, Laminate, Wood, Quart, Metal, Glass and Stainless steel

When you build a new home or renovate an old one, you spend a lot of time thinking what kind of furniture would fit best. Regarding the kitchen, a countertop well matching the rest of the kitchen furniture can contribute essentially to achieving a great look for your kitchen. That is why we will present seven types of materials for kitchen countertops, and try to keep you informed in order to facilitate your decision in choosing the right counter.

Natural stone (granite or marble) kitchen countertop
- extremely durable material, always in trend. It gives warmth, elegance and uniqueness to any kitchen. The durability of natural stone, its resistance to high temperatures and shocks are advantages that should not be neglected.  Natural stone kitchen countertops come in a variety of colours and shades, because nature can never be surpassed in beauty. The price of this material is quite high and you should know that a kitchen countertop made of natural stone requires periodic maintenance for waterproofing, waxing and polishing to retain its beauty, as it is a porous material. Also it’s not too resistant to staining, it faces  problems on contact with acidic substances and strong shocks. Installation can be done only by qualified personnel as it is quite difficult. In terms of cost, this choice is suitable for kitchens with an average budget.

Ceramic tile kitchen countertop - is one of the most common choices of the last period due to the multiple benefits and the financial facilities it offers. A work counter, decorated with tiles, can fit into any interior ambience. Because of the many models and designs, combined models with decorative patterns or made of distinct colours can be made. Installing a ceramic tile kitchen countertop is extremely simple and does not necessarily require the presence of a specialist. These countertops are easy to maintain and withstand high temperatures.

Glazed tiles are recommended because they better withstand heat, scratches and can not stain. As disadvantages, you should note that the leaf surface is not perfectly smooth, the joints between the tiles can stain easily and that they require waterproofing, because they can be a development environment for bacteria and should be treated with varnish special. Also, take into consideration that they’re not too resistant to chipping and a few extra plates must be purchased. Regarding its price, they’re included in the ‘average’ category.

Laminated kitchen countertop - This type of countertop is made from PAL, on which a special resin desired model are glued. Although it often seems like a cheap solution, some types of desks equipped with a safety foil will look very similar those made of hardwood and therefore come with a similar price tag. They are suitable for people with a tight budget, but also for those who are looking for a specific colour, since laminated worktops are available in a wide range of colours, designs, models and finishes. It is easy to clean and has good resistance to impact. This type of kitchen countertop has a reduced installing difficulty, and a low price. Unfortunately, it doesn’t face too well burns or scrapes, it breaks down quickly enough and scratches are impossible to be resolved.

Quart kitchen countertop - For those who love granite look but want to avoid some of its shortcomings, the alternative is a mixture of quart, resin and pigments. An uniform surface is thus obtained, which combines the hardness and durability of quart (only diamond, topaz and sapphire are harder) with the exceptional waterproofing qualities of the used resins. Such a kitchen countertop has the advantage of high-temperature resistance, shock resistance, easy maintenance, waterproof, resistance to stains, acids and oils, a special, beautiful coloring. It seems an ideal material for kitchen countertops, but has the disadvantage that sinks are not incorporate. The cost is one that measures the benefits.

Wooden kitchen countertop - Solid wood kitchen countertop emits a warm and intimate atmosphere. Made of oak, walnut or cherry, wooden kitchen countertops are preferred because they are made of a natural material, have a relatively low cost and the surface can be sanded and  re-lacquered. Some of its advantages are: natural, ecological material with a smooth leaf surface, low cost, doesn’t fret knives, the surface can be used for cutting vegetables, meat or for stretching dough, the surface becomes can be easily renewed by polishing and coating. A disadvantage is the fact that wood tends to work in time, it is predisposed to degradation or combustion under the action of water or fire, and has sensitivity to sharp objects. Other disadvantages: requires regular coating, absorbs odors and stains from food and drinks, traces of knife are visible, affected by excessive heat and can even burn, sensitive to degradation under the action of water.

Did you know that you have a much higher risk of dying in a domestic household fire if you do not have the correct safety equipment installed such as a smoke alarm. Fire equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets should always be kept the around home, especially in the kitchen, as it is one of the main areas a fire starts.

Metal kitchen countertop - Metal is a very good option for a kitchen countertop. It is waterproof, warm and looks impeccably. It is a durable material with smooth, flexible, hygienic and easy to clean surface. It is hygienic and does not constitute a development environment for bacteria. But special care should be taken regarding stains caused by vinegar, mustard, lemon, as they can while white surface. Because it has a cold aspect, it is a good idea to have in the kitchen furniture made of wood or other some material which has a warm colour. We thus reduce the sober appearance of this material. A disadvantage is the high price and the fact that sharp objects leave traces of cuts, so do abrasive cleaners.

Glass and steel kitchen countertop - For an ultra-modern kitchen is the most suitable choice. With such a kitchen countertop you will certainly impress your friends and relatives. They are distinguished by their elegant style, creating an extreme visual impact. These worktops are quite expensive, can be easily scratched and damaged by objects hitting them accidentally, making them more suitable for kitchens with low traffic. The elegance and style recommend these kitchen countertops to those who don’t use the working space very much and who want their kitchen to impress guests from the first glance. Highest quality materials, with a matching price, offer maximum strength, stability and durability over the years but require constant care. Assembly can be done only by specialists.

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