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A Guide To Installing Cabinets And Kitchen Countertops E-mail

A great home improvement project for updating the look of your kitchen is installing new cabinets and countertops.  The cabinets and countertops in a kitchen area are the focal points of the room and a lovely, well maintained kitchen countertop goes a long way towards improving the look of your kitchen.  The project can also be inexpensive, depending on the type of material that you are planning to use and the amount of material that will be needed to complete the project. 

ImageThe first step in installing cabinets and countertops is to decide what you would like the finished project to look like.  Some individuals prefer a darker countertop with lighter cabinets while others prefer for the cabinets to be darker than the countertop.  There are many different varieties of countertops available for do-it-yourself projects and each type has a different style and different properties.  The type of countertop that is chosen for the project is dependent on the needs of the homeowner and what style they like the best.

The materials used for installing cabinets and countertops can be purchased at any home improvement store in the nation.  Many cabinets and countertops can be purchased as modular sets with all of the hardware, adhesives, and finishing materials included in the kits.  Some individuals may like a more custom look and will choose the individual elements of the countertop and cabinets separately.  Depending on the items chosen, this technique can dramatically raise or lower the amount of money expended on the project.  If the area that the countertop is intended for is not a standard shape or the length of the countertop needed is not a standard size, it may be more cost effective and time efficient to have a countertop custom built.

Before purchasing a countertop and cabinets, the area that they are intended for will need to be carefully measured to ensure a proper fit.  For more accurate planning, a draft should be created on paper detailing the dimensions of the kitchen, available space, and where the cabinets and countertop will be installed.  By taking this draft to the home improvement store where you will purchase the materials for the installation, the sales personnel will be able to help you find products that are suited to your needs and will advise you of any difficulties that you may encounter. 

If there is a sink present in the countertop that you are replacing or you would like to purchase a new sink for the new countertop, a space will need to be cut out of the countertop to ensure a proper fit.  The cabinets will also need to be positioned so that they will not interfere with the plumbing that will need to be connected to the sink.  Installing cabinets and countertops with a sink present is no great difficulty.  Use the space in the old countertop or the pattern included with the new sink to trace the area that needs to be removed in pencil on the new countertop being installed.  This area can then be cut out by using a jig saw or circular saw. 

Once you have placed the cabinets in their proper positions in the kitchen, the countertop can be attached to the cabinets.  If you have purchased a kit for installing cabinets and countertops, all of the items that you will need are included in the kit.  If you have purchased the items separately, then you will need to purchase wood screws that are long enough to penetrate through the cabinets into the countertop.  The screws should not be so long as to penetrate through the countertop and come out of the top.  After the countertop has been anchored to the cabinets, a small amount of caulking should be applied between the top of the countertop and the wall to ensure that no moisture will leak between the wall and the countertop to cause damage.

Installing cabinets and countertops can be completed in a few easy steps with a little hard work.  The project can typically be completed within the space of a day and is much less expensive than hiring a professional to come into your home and create a custom countertop for you.  As a do-it-yourself project, installing cabinets and countertops in your kitchen can be a very rewarding experience.

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