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Image The countertop is regarded as a very important detail when designing and building any kitchen. So, if you are planning to spend a small fortune on kitchen cabinet materials and design, you should also top everything up with a high quality kitchen countertop. Once you have decided the material for your kitchen countertop, you will have to choose the right color for it.

 Keep in mind that the countertop color can actually make or even break your successful kitchen cabinet design and this is the main reason why you should choose a countertop color that blends into your kitchen surroundings and provide you with the perfect effect on the whole ambience.

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Choosing the right color for your kitchen countertop isnt an easy task as there is a wide range of colors and textures that can be used in order to complement your whole kitchen design. For instance, if you have a light themed kitchen design, you should go for a dark kitchen countertop in order to get the perfect contrast that will balance out the whole space and even pull everything together. On the other hand, if your current kitchen theme leans towards shades of white, you should include black in your countertop color scheme for instance, you can go for a deep black marble countertop.

 If your kitchen has a warmer color scheme, you should go for light colored cabinets topped off with some similar pastel colored kitchen countertops. For instance, you should go for pastel colors that are 1 shade or even 2 lighter than your kitchen walls. By doing this, you will add some extra sense of depth in your kitchen space and maintain a warm atmosphere in it. Remember that your kitchen countertop must not be overlooked when it comes to using its potential as a real opportunity to add presence and interest to the whole space. Neutral colors will allow you greater flexibility and they need not to be too boring. For instance, if your kitchen is contemporary or eclectic, you should go for white countertops as they are a truly versatile choice. Such white countertops can create a bright and seamless aesthetic when you have them paired with some top quality and clean white kitchen cabinets.

White natural stone kitchen countertops are a great choice in any modern kitchen space especially if they are paired with minimalist cabinets design and stainless steel appliances. If you go for a white kitchen countertop, you should make sure that you clean up any spills promptly as such countertops cannot disguise stains too well. If your kitchen space is a more traditional one, you should go for black countertops as they can complement a traditional space especially when paired up with similarly dark kitchen cabinetry. Also, you can get a more traditional look for your kitchen space by combining white cabinets with black countertops. Natural wood countertops are to be considered as well when dealing with a more traditional kitchen space as they can create a really welcoming and comfortable atmosphere and lend a genuine richness to the whole space.         
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