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Finding Kitchen Countertop Outlets in Connecticut E-mail

Never rush when finding the kitchen countertop outlet – after all, you're kitchen countertop is something you'll have to live with and use for a very long time. Do not ‘settle’ for just any vendor simply because it is the only shop you pass by on your way to the grocery. When looking for places to buy quality countertops in Connecticut, take time to examine at least three things: design and quality of their pieces, their warranty offer, and their service guarantee. are only some of the things that you need to consider.

Where to start

You can start looking for kitchen countertop outlets in Connecticut right in your own home.; Pick up the directory, go to the yellow pages, and look under home depots, home furnishings, kitchen, furniture, or countertops.

  • Take note of the familiar names, brands, and trademarks that the outlets carry, as well as whether the outlet company itself is familiar to you as well.;
  • Take note of the proximity of the outlet to your home and jot down their contact numbers, including their websites, if any.

If you're not satisfied with the list you have generated from the telephone directory, go to your computer and search the internet.;

  • You can start by going to ‘Connecticut internet directories’ – look under ‘home improvement.’
  • While surfing the internet, you can also visit the websites of the companies or establishments you jotted down previously. Look at their countertop offerings, kitchen designs, and lines.; They will feature images (usually with explanations) regarding certain designs.

Short listing

You will probably find hundreds of countertop outlets in Connecticut. You cannot possible visit them all, so you need to create a short list. Here are some things to consider:

Proximity and service

When finding Kitchen countertop outlets in Connecticut, you need to consider the area or proximity of the outlet to your home or establishment. This is crucial to delivery and extended services. If the kitchen countertop outlet is near your home (or if it is at least in the same area), chances are, it will be wiling to extend more free added services such as professional installation, after-sale repairs, and annual checkups. Outlets within your area are also more likely to offer free delivery services – you can save hundreds of dollars this way. ;

NOTE: If you find a kitchen countertop outlet in Connecticut which you really like but is quite far from your area, call them and check how much they charge for delivery and installation. Never assume that they would do it for free or give you a discount, or your final bill may shock you.

Establishment and brand name

If you are not keen on going around from outlet to outlet checking out what each has to offer, then you might want to take a shirt cut – just go with an established outlet that has branches nationwide so you are assured of quality, service, and affordable prices.; Surely you are familiar with a number of kitchen countertop outlets in Connecticut carrying what can be considered household names in home, kitchen, and furniture depots.; Some of them include Walmart, Home Depot, ACE Mart Restaurant Supply, and IKEA.

Finally, decide on a style

It’s important to decide on a style even before you visit the countertop outlets you have short listed. Familiarize yourself with various brand names, materials, and designs and then make your choice.; Knowing exactly what you want will not only save you time – it can also save you money.

  • If you come to a countertop outlet with a specific purchase in mind, you dissuade sales people from trying to sell you more expensive pieces.
  • Knowing exactly what you want prevents ‘impulse buying.’ You do not have to worry about buying the first countertop you see on a whim only to regret your decision later.

How do you decide on a style? Free up a day and visit all the outlets you have short listed – but DO NOT bring your cash, credit card, or check book just yet. This will keep you from buying something even before you have seen others.

You can also scour the internet for pictures, read some of the text and advice, virtually look at the different materials, and always take note of what you find interesting. Nothing beats touching and seeing the countertops in person, but internet surfing is the next best thing if you really don’t have time.

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