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Installing a kitchen countertop can be a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen. It is usually one of the items performed by a homeowner prior to listing their home for sale and has the ability to turn a dull kitchen into a showpiece. There are many different styles of countertops that can be easily installed by the average homeowner and the cost of a self installed kitchen countertop is a great deal less than hiring a professional to come in and install the countertop for you. With a small amount of time and a little hard work, you could save thousands of dollars by learning how to install kitchen countertops.

ImageMany individuals that choose to self install a kitchen countertop use a laminate countertop because of the ease of installation. Laminate countertops come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so it is very easy to find the style that is right for your home. Laminate countertops also have many properties that make them attractive to homeowners, such as ease of cleaning, resistance to bacterial or fungal growth, and ability to coordinate the laminate to any décor. When learning how to install countertops, many individuals believe that laminate countertops are the easiest to work with and customize, which makes them great for beginners.

The first step in installing a countertop is to carefully measure the area that you would like to cover with the new countertop. Taking accurate measurements is very important to ensure that you have enough material to complete the project as well as making sure that you are not paying for a lot of material that you do not need. Experts that teach individuals how to install countertops always warn that an incorrect measurement could add hours and a great deal of money to the project, time and money that would not have been spent had the installer taken the correct measurements in the first place. The measurements should be transferred to a draft of the kitchen area and then forwarded to the retailer that you would like to purchase your countertop materials from. The service representatives will help you find the items that you need and direct you in how to install countertops.

The next step is to remove the old countertop from the base cabinetry and replace it with the new countertop. Most countertops are held to the base cabinetry by a series of screws and are easily removed by using a regular or power screwdriver. After all of the screws have been removed from the old countertop, it can be lifted away from the base cabinetry. If there is a sink present in the portion of the countertop that you would like to replace, it should be removed along with all of the fixtures prior to removing the old countertop.

The next step in how to install kitchen cabinets is to join together any pieces of the countertop that need to be connected prior to installing the countertop to the base cabinetry. You should place the new countertop onto the base cabinetry, ensuring that it lays level throughout the entire length of the countertop. Once the new countertop is positioned to the installer’s liking, the countertops should be connected to the base cabinetry using new screws. The screws should be sized carefully to ensure that the screws descend the right length and do not penetrate the surface of the countertop.

If there is a sink present in the portion of the countertop that is being replaced, the cutout for the sink should be cut into the countertop prior to securing the countertop to the base cabinetry. This is accomplished by placing the old countertop on top of the new countertop while it is being supported by sawhorses or some other base. The marks for the placement of the sink into the new countertop should be carefully drawn with pencil and then the portion that needs to be removed should be cut out with a jigsaw or circular saw. By using the old countertop as a guide for the new countertop, you ensure that the old sink will fit perfectly into the new countertop. This is the last step that needs to be done prior to securing the new countertop to the base cabinetry.

Learning how to install a countertop can be a fun and rewarding experience, as well as save you a great deal of money on professional installation. Installing a new countertop typically can be completed within the space of a day. In just a few simple steps, you can turn an old worn countertop into a beautiful new countertop that can be enjoyed for many years.

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