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When remodeling a kitchen, there are many different products to choose from. Many retailers specialize in products for the kitchen and the products can differ widely between retailers. Once of the most popular places for individuals to purchase products for remodeling a kitchen is the IKEA store. Selling low cost products for the home since it’s inception in 1943, the IKEA product catalog now contains over 12,000 items which are sold through its stores and by mail order. Purchasing IKEA kitchen countertops for the home is a fast and easy way to remodel the kitchen at a reasonable cost.

The kitchen countertop is often the item in the home that suffers from the most wear and tear, causing them to be the most replaced furniture item in the kitchen. IKEA kitchen countertops are an inexpensive option for replacing the kitchen countertops without the hassle of hiring a contractor and paying for a custom countertop and a professional installation. The countertops that can be purchased from IKEA cost a fraction of the amount the homeowner would pay for a custom countertop and can typically be installed by the homeowner themselves in a few hours.

There are a few different models of IKEA kitchen countertops that can be purchased in their stores or by mail order. The wooden countertops sold by IKEA are very popular with individuals that want a natural, solid wood countertop for their home without paying a great deal of money to have one custom made. The colors of the wood used to create the countertops are warm and inviting, providing the homeowner with a classic look that will never go out of style. IKEA kitchen countertops made out of wood complement a wide range of home décor styles and will not clash with any of the colors used in the décor scheme.

IKEA kitchen countertops that are made of wood are very durable and are easy to maintain. The tiny scratches and nicks that can be created by sharp objects often add to the character of the wooden countertop rather than detract from it. For the countertop to remain in the best condition, it should be protected from sharp or hot objects as they can mar the surface of the countertop and dull the finish. Cleaning the wooden countertop is easily accomplished by using a dampened sponge and some mild soap if needed.

The IKEA company also produces kitchen countertops made out of laminate for their customers. Many individuals choose to use laminate countertops when remodeling their kitchen because of the durability of the material and the wide variety of different styles that are available. IKEA kitchen countertops made out of laminate can be purchased in a multitude of colors or designs, making it easy to match a countertop to the décor of the kitchen. Some of the most popular countertops are those created in neutral colors or designed to look like natural stone.

IKEA kitchen countertops created from laminate are very sturdy and can withstand many of the elements that can damage or destroy a kitchen countertop. In fact, the only items that usually cause damage to a laminate countertop are items that are hot. Placing items that are hot on the surface of a laminate countertop may cause burns to appear. This is easily avoided by remembering to place a heat resistant item, such as a pot holder, between the hot item and the surface of the countertop.

Because most IKEA kitchen countertops are meant to be installed by the homeowner, great care is taken to make the assembly process as simple as possible. IKEA carries all of the items that are needed to install their countertops and the instruction manual for the installation uses pictures to demonstrate exactly what should be done at each step. Installing an IKEA kitchen countertop can typically be completed within a few hours, producing a piece that is not only inexpensive but will last for a long time. For the quality and the price, IKEA kitchen countertops can’t be beat.

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