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Is cultured marble heat resistant? E-mail
If you want to go for a marble look for your kitchen countertops but you cannot afford the marble price, you may switch to a cultured marble countertop. Cultured marble is made from manufactured thermoplastic resin and crushed marble this mix is poured into some pre-cast molds in order to suit your countertop project. Next, the molded material will be cured and its finishing will involve trimming, grounding and cleaning in order to get a fully polished kitchen countertop.  

Unlike a marble countertop, the cultured marble will lend non-porosity to this surface. Also, cultured marble countertops are likely to be less of concern when it comes to stains because they are more stain resistant when compared to marble countertops and they also provide a soft and really surface that amazes with a timeless and unique look.

The main features of cultured marble countertops include stain resistance, easy to mold into a wide range of shapes, real marble look, simple installation and the fact that possible scratches are easy to buff out. However, cultured marble countertops come with two major drawbacks: they are prone to severe scratching and they are not heat resistant. This is the main reason why it is not recommended to use cultured marble countertops in your kitchen however, such surfaces are likely to excel in your bathroom space.    

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