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What Tools do I Need to Install a New Kitchen Countertop? E-mail

Installing kitchen countertops can be a challenging task, and there are a variety of tools you will need to complete it.

The items you will need to install a countertop include; backsplashes, end splash, clamps, adhesive, shims, level, masking tape, screwdriver, wood screws, and a tape measure. The majority of these things can usually be found at Do It Yourself stores, though you may decide to purchase the actual countertop from a specialty retailer. Though the countertops you will order will probably be expensive, the items you need to install them will not be.

When you order your countertops, you will need to use the tape measure to determine how much you need. You will also need to add one inch or more at each end if you want overhang. Though backsplashes are not always necessary, they make an excellent addition to the decor of any kitchen and are often recommended. Likewise, end splashes are not always used. However, both of these pieces can be purchased from the same retailer from which you bought your countertops.

If you choose to include backsplashes, you will use the screwdriver and the wood screws to secure them once they are put together. You will then set the countertops in place and use the masking tape to designate the areas that need trimming. Next, you will have to use the plane to shave the work top so it can be installed flush with the wall. Shave the work top slowly so as not to accidently remove too much.

Once the countertop is flush with the wall, you will need to use the level to make sure it is in the right position. You will then need to make sure that the cabinet doors and drawers open easily. After you have made any necessary adjustments, you can screw the countertops into the cabinets from below. Each screw must go into the core of the counter at least 1/2 inch. Once the countertop is installed, you can use the adhesive and clamps to attach the end splash.

All of the items you need can be purchased at most Do It Yourself stores. No power tools are required, but a power screwdriver may shorten the time required to finish the project. Installing your own countertops can be a difficult and intimidating project, but purchasing the right tools for the job will simplify it considerably. Aside from the countertops and backsplashes themselves, none of these items will be expensive.

In summary, you will need several different items in order to install your own countertops. These items include the countertops themselves, a tape measure, a screwdriver, adhesive, shims, a level, masking tape, and several other inexpensive things. Though the job may be difficult, finding what you need is easy. All of these items are readily available at the majority of Do It Yourself retailers, and all are relatively inexpensive.

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