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Cleaning and Maintenance of Wood Countertops E-mail
Many people think that wood is not an ideal material for countertops because it is porous, can absorb water and moisture, allows bacteria and germs to develop, and requires a lot of maintenance. However, with proper cleaning and maintenance, wood can be a great material for a beautiful and natural countertop. Wood countertops can give any kitchen a homey and natural look.

Listed below are some tips on how to cleaning and maintain your wood countertop:


Wood oxidizes and changes its color as it ages. It can also gain and lose moisture depending on the environment. To enhance its natural beauty of wood and keep it from drying out, wood should be applied with a wood finish. You can get the finish from the manufacturers because it can be specially blended by them. Some people use natural oil and mineral oil as finish. Aside from aesthetic purposes, the finish also gives the wood surface a higher level of protection and keeps surface moisture and food residue out of the wood.

Wood countertops, including all the sides, have to be oiled regularly to maintain their finish. Depending on the humidity level, a heavy coat of oil must be applied every month on a regular basis. Natural oil or mineral oil, which can be bought from the manufacturers, is also used and applied to the wood surface

Regular cleaning

Most wood countertops can be cleaned with soap and water using a soft sponge or a cloth. Never use bleach additives and abrasives because they can damage the finish of the wood. Spills are not going to be a problem if the wood has a good finish, but make sure to wipe them off immediately to prevent them from penetrating and staining the wood. You can scrape food or any sticky particles off with a spatula before wiping them off. Use a soft brush like a toothbrush for sticky particles that are hard to scrape off or for persistent stains. Always dry out the surface completely with a clean and dry cloth.


Compared to other countertop materials, wood is easy to repair because it can be sanded with 220 fine-grit sandpaper when it needs refreshing. To make it look like new, a reapplication of the special oil finish can do the trick.

Things to avoid

Do not spill vinegar on the wood countertop because it can ruin the finish and cause warping, cracking, or cupping that is beyond repair.
Avoid using harsh detergents or acid-based chemicals on the wood surface.

Do not install your wood countertop near appliances that produce excessive heat, or place hot pans on top of it because the surface can burn and discolor.

Always use coasters for water or drinks because the moisture from the glasses can produce water rings on the wood surface.

Always keep the wood dry as much as possible because stagnant water can stain the countertop and produce mildew that breeds bacteria and germs.

Do not cut directly on the wood surface. Always use a chopping board when cutting or slicing food to avoid scratching the surface.

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