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How To Get Samples Of Wood Countertops? E-mail
It can be hard to tell how a particular wood countertop will look with your room color and the rest of your home furnishings, especially when you are choosing from several different samples. It usually involves visualizing your kitchen or bathroom with each design, a task that takes skill and patience. Often, people get confused and end up with a countertop they are not fully satisfied with.

To avoid choosing the wrong wood countertop, you can get samples of the different countertop colors, patterns, and designs available from a specific supplier. Samples can be obtained individually or in brochures or sets, for free or for a small fee. Here are some of the most common sources of wood countertop samples.

Online ordering

Many manufacturers have company websites where they display photos and samples of their countertops for prospective buyers. You can print these out and put each design on your counter to see which one makes the best match. Of course, printouts only show you the color and pattern, but not the texture, of each countertop. If you are particular about your wood countertop’s texture, you can also order actual samples from the company, which they will ship directly to your house. If the samples are for sale, you will be charged via your credit card, and most orders usually arrive within 24 hours.

Before ordering your samples online, however, be sure to check out the company’s privacy policies. Make sure your name, address, and credit card information will be kept only for record purposes and will not be given to any third parties. If you can, also ask around if the company has reliable delivery services to make sure your samples get to you in time. A good company should provide contact details, so that customers can track their orders.


You can also go to your local hardware or home supply store and ask for wood countertop samples. Retailers usually offer samples by brand or manufacturer, either for free or for a small fee. Wood countertop samples cost $3 to $6 apiece, depending on the brand. Larger retailers usually have a wider selection of countertop brands, so if you want more choices, go to stores with a large customer base and which are affiliated with more manufacturers.


The most direct way to obtain wood countertop samples is to go to the manufacturers themselves. The main advantage of getting samples from manufacturers is that you get a complete collection of all their products, unlike retailers who usually compile the bestsellers. However, not all manufacturers have offices or showrooms in every state. You may have to go to neighboring towns or cities to visit a particular manufacturer. To save you time and money, look up the manufacturers in your area and visit those that seem to match your preferences.

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