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Wood countertops are made using thick wood strips that are joined together by an effective gluing system. They are made to be durable, attractive, and functional. They are easy to maintain and clean. Cuts and scratches can be removed by sanding it with sandpaper, and stains can be removed by wiping them with a damp cloth.

But despite these advantages, wood countertops are not made for permanent use. They do not have the ability to resist extreme heat and water because wood naturally expands and contracts during these alternating weather conditions.

Why placing hot pans on wood countertops is not advised

Wood countertops may have durable and sturdy designs, but fabricators still advise homeowners not to place hot pans and other cookware directly on the surface. Wood countertops are not resistant to heat and exposing them directly to hot plates and pans can cause the wood surface to split, warp, or break apart.

Wood countertops do not do well when exposed to direct heat because extreme temperature can make the wood expand. Expansion causes the wood to increase in size, and it makes wooden countertops unstable and gives them an imperfect fit in your kitchen area. In severe conditions, wood countertops can crack or completely break apart.

Safety measures and advice on placing hot objects on your wood countertop

1. Before purchasing, installing, and using a wood countertop, make sure that it has been treated correctly with the right type and amount of treatment substance. Treating your wood countertop before use can ensure that it can withstand tolerable amounts of heat and moisture. Regular oil treatments can help protect your wood countertop from heat and moisture, make the surface endure the occasional wear and tear, and enhance its color and grain.

2. Once your wood countertop has been installed, avoid placing hot pans directly on its surface. Remember that heat can damage the surface of your wood countertop and discolor its sealer and finish. Always use place mats, hot pads, or trivets before placing hot pots and other hot items on the countertop.

3. Even if your wood countertop has a butcher block insert, do not use it as a hot pad for hot plates and pans. Using real hot pads is still the safest and most effective way to keep hot objects from touching the surface of your wood countertop.

4. To protect your wood countertop from further heat exposure, do not place a microwave oven, dishwasher, and stove burners on its surface. These appliances produce a great amount of heat that can do damage on your countertop. Also, always have a hot pad ready on your countertop in case you have to place a hot pan or plate on it.

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