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Wood countertops are generally made of tight grain hardwoods such as maple or other durable wood species like ash and oak. These woods are cut into strips and attached to adjacent pieces using a high-quality glue system to create a larger and wider wood surface. The finished product is then made into wooden countertops. They are sanded and finished using oil or any synthetic sealer. Using an oil finish gives the surface of wood countertops a dull appearance, while a synthetic sealer gives it a high gloss. The finished surface of wood countertops usually has a light, natural wood grain color, but artificial stains can be applied on it to give it a darkened effect.

Wood countertops have an attractive and natural appeal because the pattern on the surface is uniform all throughout. Wood is rarely used as an outer layer for the countertop. Often, a butcher block is placed on the surface to make it more durable and resistant to moisture and harsh chemicals. If the wood is treated with oil finish, then it can usually stand alone and be used for the entire countertop.

The general thickness of wood countertops

Wood countertops have a thickness of one to two inches. A thicker wood material can be custom made if necessary. The most durable wood countertops are made of one and a half-inch thick maple strips that are glued together. Wood countertops made of oak and other woods are also available, but they require advanced special order.

Wood surfaces that have a thickness of one and one-fourth inches, one and one-half inches, two inches, two and one-fourth inches, and two and one-half inches are the most commonly used for wood countertops. Solid stocks that are as thin as three-fourth-inch thick to as thick as six inch-thick are also available.

Most manufacturers and dealers also sell end grain chopping blocks with a thickness of three inches to 12 inches along with wooden countertops. The most commonly ordered chopping blocks are those with a thickness of three and four inches.

The thickness of stock and custom wood countertops

Stock wood countertops typically measure one and one-half inches thick, 25 inches deep, and 12 feet long, where the lengths increase by one-foot increments. Custom made wood countertops are usually made with thickness of one and three-fourths inches, and a length and a width that are according to the customers' preference. Custom fabricators also create different edge styles and backsplashes to satisfy the every need of their customers.

The general weight of wood countertops

Wood countertops weigh heavier than other countertops because they are made of heavy-duty and high quality woods such as maple and oak. The inclusion of butcher blocks on the countertops also adds to their weight. Wood countertops can weigh as light as 20 pounds to as heavy as 45 pounds.

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