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Concrete countertops are one of the most affordable types of kitchen countertops. Compared to granite or soapstone countertops, the price of concrete slabs are $10 to $15 cheaper. However, as a rule, the price of concrete countertops increase as more features are added them or are changed. The fancier the concrete countertop is, the pricier it can get. Concrete countertops can come in different thicknesses. Countertops that are made of imported concrete slabs can cost more than the locally-manufactured ones. They can have different colors, stains, patterns, and textures which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. They can also be made with different countertop edges and shapes. All these features increase the price of countertop edges. Aside from these custom-fit specifications, the price of concrete countertops can increase with the addition of installation and shipping costs that are charged by professional builders and manufacturers.

The cost of concrete countertop slabs

Concrete countertop slabs are sold by the square foot. The standard one and a half-inch thick concrete slab costs between $65 and $125. The thicker the slab is, the more expensive it can get. The price of concrete countertop slabs can also increase if they are ordered abroad since shipping costs need to be accounted for.

The price of concrete countertops increases if they are constructed in custom made shapes. Curbed or irregular-shaped concrete countertops cost more than the standard rectangular ones because custom molds need to be made, too. Concrete countertops with pre-drilled holes, inserts, or cutouts are also more expensive. The price can also increase if custom edge options are added to the concrete countertop.

The cost of installing concrete countertops

Installing concrete countertops can be done within a day if everything goes according to plan. The typical installation of concrete countertops can cost between $40 and $50 an hour. This is the normal rate charged by professional builders and contractors for each of their team members.

How to get the best price for concrete countertops

Before settling with a professional builder or contractor to make your concrete countertop, make sure to shop around for different firms in your area. Get to know the different builders and take time to study the products and services they offer. Most builders have corporate websites that you can visit to view their company information, products, services, and the portfolio of the projects they have done. Consider the award-winning builders. They can have impressive designs, however, they can also be more expensive.

If you are on a budget, consider building your concrete countertop on your own. Concrete countertops are very feasible do-it-yourself projects that can easily be accomplished with the right materials, tools, and instructions. If you decide to do it on your own, you can save on labor and installation costs and use the extra money for other countertop effects.
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