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What colors are available for concrete countertops? E-mail
The colors of concrete countertops depend on several factors like the location where the concrete was made, the materials that were used to make the concrete, and the builder or manufacturer. Concrete countertop colors can come in solid colors like brown, gray, maroon, and white. They can be made to look like other materials like wood, marble, or granite, by adding color stains and pigments. Concrete countertops can also be made to match a specific shade you want.

These various color options are possible because concrete is an aggregate material that is made from sand, cement, and water. The different types of concrete are regular, self-compacting, shotcrete, no-fines, cellular, roller-compacted, and asphalt and are made by combining different amounts of the basic concrete materials. Once exposed to different levels of hydration, aggregates, and molding processes, concrete can virtually be made into any color, stain, or pattern.

There are endless options for concrete countertop colors. The limitations depend on the concrete's mixture and the builder and manufacturer's capabilities. Normally, concrete countertops builders offer more color options than resellers since they have access to more concrete materials, mixtures, pigments, and stains.

Concrete countertops come in solid colors

Concrete slabs normally come in solid gray or sand shades, but they can be altered into any color the customers want. For those who prefer more traditional or conservative concrete countertops, they can be made into solid colors like white, black, or brown. These neutral colors come with most kitchen color palettes, so they are very flexible. For those who prefer bolder concrete countertops that make a statement, they can come in brighter colors like red, green, or blue. These brighter colors can make concrete countertops stand out in any kitchen space.

Concrete countertops come in different patterns

Concrete countertops can also be made to look like wood, marble, or granite. These effects can be achieved through marbling and veining techniques that are done while the concrete is still in the initial mixing phase. Concrete countertops can also come in multiple colors. They are made with a darker base color for the background and a lighter accent color for the veins and splotches over the base color.

Concrete countertops come in customized colors

Sometimes, concrete countertops are made to match a specific color of kitchen furniture or structure. These countertops are special requests made by the customers, and they can usually be done by professional builders. During the initial mixing phase of the concrete, color pigments are slowly added to achieve the desired color match. The builders usually request a sample of the color the customer wants, whether it be a fabric swatch or piece of furniture. The sample becomes the basis for the color match process of mixing and adding pigments which can be achieved after a few tries.
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