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In its natural condition, concrete can stain because it is porous. However, the application of a surface sealer on concrete countertops can make them resistant to water and stain. Surface sealers, such as an epoxy sealer, are protective agents that make concrete countertops less permeable and resistant to stains. Staining can occur on concrete countertops when the sealer is absent.

When do concrete countertops stain?

Concrete countertops can stain when acidic liquids like vinegar, red wine, and lemon juice are spilled on the surface and are not cleaned or wiped away immediately.

The staining and discoloration of concrete countertop can also be caused by extreme exposure to heat like when setting hot pots and pans directly on the surface.

Unsealed concrete countertops are susceptible to the absorption of many acidic liquids, making them stain faster and easier. Sealers are protective agents that resist staining on concrete countertops. If your concrete countertop is not appropriately sealed, then it is not protected against unsightly stains and discolorations.

Without proper and regular maintenance and cleaning, concrete countertops can be more prone to stains and other damages. It is always recommended to clean and maintain your concrete countertop to protect them from damage.

Preventing and removing stains on your concrete countertop

Although sealers do not entirely prevent concrete countertop staining, they help resist the damage it causes. Make sure your countertop has been applied with the right amount of sealers. If it did not come sealed, then apply the seal yourself. Seal the surface regularly for maintenance.

While water alone can help remove stains and dirt from your concrete countertop, cleaning chemicals are often necessary to eliminate specific stains. Concrete countertop contractors and fabricators recommend using certain chemical substances on the stains and letting them stand for 15 minutes before rinsing the area with water.

In removing oil and grease stains on your concrete countertop, use hot water and an alkaline degreaser. While hot water separates the oil from the concrete, the alkaline degreaser emulsifies the oil and allows it to be flushed from the surface. The alkaline degreaser is also perfect for removing oily dirt and soot from your concrete kitchen countertop.

In removing rust on your concrete countertop, use cleaners that contain oxalic acid. These substances are the most effective solution in removing heavy rust stains that penetrate deeply into the concrete materials of your kitchen top.

In removing graffiti on your concrete countertop, several proprietary chemical strippers can be used. Graffiti stains can be made by different kinds of paint and ink, so they are usually difficult to remove. Make sure you stain cleaner contains citrus-based solvents, potassium hydroxide, or methylene chloride. For the most effective results, apply the stain cleaner on the stained area and let it stand for a couple of hours before power rinsing.

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