An Introduction to Kitchen Glass Countertops E-mail
Most of us are familiar with how beautiful glass can be when it is used in wall tile installations.  So it makes sense that glass would be a wonderful way to make kitchen countertops look great as well.  That is why glass countertops are gaining in popularity all the time.  They bring a new look and feel to any kitchen remodeling effort because glass presents s modern, sleek and fascinating look to your kitchen décor. 

Many interior decorators are recommending glass kitchen countertops because they add a lot of beauty and style to the look of your new kitchen.  The diversity and variety of styles that can be achieved with custom glass kitchen countertops means that this unique approach to kitchen counters can fit with any design concept you have in mind.

Glass countertops in the kitchen are both beautiful and functional.  As such, they are an excellent competitor to laminate countertops or other popular materials.  Considering glass as part of your kitchen remodeling plans opens up a lot of design ideas because of the huge choices of shapes, edging and textures that glass has to offer.  But glass is functional as well as stylish. 

An obvious advantage is that a glass countertop is not porous so it is a sanitary choice for a kitchen installation.  Glass resists stains and you can order your countertops custom cut to fit in one panel so you avoid seams in your kitchen counters.  Glass is tough and heat resistant so you don't have to "pamper" a glass kitchen countertop.  And glass can be combined with stainless steel or other materials so you can virtually create virtually any look you can imagine through the versatility of glass counters.

One option many designers have suggested is getting the great look of glass by using it as an accent combined with another type of material for the cooking surface of the countertops.  This is not because glass is not sanitary or that it is fragile.  The hygienic nature of glass and its ability stand up to heavy use are selling points for glass countertops, particularly in the kitchen.  But because glass can be combined with other materials in so many great ways, you have a lot of options when you are in the design phase of your new kitchen.

While glass countertops clean up easily, they also show fingerprints and watermarks easily so they might take more care to keep looking shiny and clean.  Contrary to how it might seem, you are not limited to a flat, smooth surface with glass countertops.  You can customize a glass countertop to just about any color and texture you can think of.  It is an extremely flexible type of surface.

It is good to include glass countertops if you are looking for a stylish, modern and somewhat "sexy" appeal to the room.  For that reason, glass is also an excellent countertop for the wet bar or the counters of an entertainment area of your home.  Not only will your new counters be enjoyable to live with for you and family, they will deliver an outstanding first impression when you have guests come over for a night of entertaining.
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