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When you are planning a new kitchen décor, glass countertops are perfect to draw the attention and the compliments of your guests.  The brightness and elegance of glass countertops will give your new kitchen an open and happy feel that is warm and inviting and sophisticated at the same time.  Glass is very reflective so light is magnified in your kitchen.  But you can also install glass countertops that include a rich color or tone that will tie in with the wallpaper, flooring and other patterns that will define your new kitchen.

The great thing about glass countertops is you can even install different colors or looks in different areas of the kitchen to reflect what that part is used for.  So you might have clear glass where the food is handled so residue shows up easily but use a green or blue glass where the clean up happens or where plates and glasses are put in preparation for serving.  You can let your imagination go wild when planning your kitchen using glass countertops.

Glass countertops are not fragile or difficult to take care of.  Even though they are glass, countertop material is made to stand up to plenty of use and withstand high temperatures and significant weight.  There is no need to put your family under special instructions about your glass countertops that would not apply to any new countertop or piece of furniture in your home.

Glass countertops are smooth and usually an unbroken surface so they are easy to wipe down and keep clean and sanitary.  In a very short time after you have finished cleaning up after a meal, you can have your glass countertops shiny and hygienic once again.  You can use any commercial soap or cleansers that you would ordinarily keep in your home for cleaning the kitchen.  As a rule, it is best to use a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the surface of your countertops.

The greatest danger to harming your glass countertops is from cutting or scratching the surface during food preparation.  It is wise to use a chopping board when you are preparing a meal not only because that protects the surface of the counters and because it is more hygienic generally.  This is good advice no matter what your countertop surfaces are and it is a smart way to keep your glass counters looking great for years.

When cleaning your glass countertops, avoid abrasive cleaners that scour the counters.  Also making it a rule not to use steel wool or other scratchy cleaning tools will assure you do not introduce scratches to your glass countertops.  If you do inflict a scratch or two every so often, your countertop installer will have instructions on how to minimize or remove those scratches so your countertops look as good as new again.  But by taking good care of your glass counters through smart cleaning and maintenance habits, they will keep your kitchen looking great for a long time to come.
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