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When you are remodeling your kitchen, the instinct is to create a unique and beautiful design that is just as individualized as you are.  The décor of your home reflects a lot about your personality so everything you can do to allow even your kitchen design to make a statement is desirable.  After all, a big kitchen redecorating project is an expensive and time consuming operation that you don't want to do very often in your life.  So if it costs a little more to "get it right the first time", its worth it.

Glass countertops have become increasingly popular in the last few years for kitchen redecorating projects.  The styles and sheer beauty and elegance that glass countertops lend to your new kitchen surpasses what can be done with other countertop types that you might be considering.  The preconception that glass countertops will be boring or bland is easy to overcome once you do some shopping and see the tremendous variety of colors, textures and styles that are in stock and ready to order.

It pays to take some time to consider carefully what you want your glass countertops to look like.  But another factor that could be just as important is the prices you will pay for glass countertops especially if you decide to create a custom look for your kitchen.  The appeal of ordering a custom glass countertop is that you can put a lot of your own creativity into the final outcome.  And since the countertops of your kitchen will be one of the most dominant aspects of the look you finally achieve, that extra effort to make your glass countertops unique and individual can really make your kitchen décor take off.

Even if you do not go the custom route, glass countertops can be expensive.  Depending on the complexity of the design and installation, your glass  countertops can easily become one of the most expensive items in your remolding budget.  Obviously ordering a custom color or design will add to that cost.  It will also add to the time frame for finishing your kitchen because custom work takes more time to finish and deliver than if you went with a style of glass countertop that is carried in bulk by your supplier.

There are things you can do to affect the pricing of your glass countertops, even if you are going the custom route.  Using a local custom glass artist not only will save you shipping costs but it puts money into the local economy which helps your city.  But local glass countertop producers are also more open to negotiation and compromise because they depend on recommendations for more business.

But probably the best way to bring down the price of custom glass countertops is to shop for recycled glass alternatives.  Custom glass countertop suppliers who work with recycled glass are conscious of the cost issue so you have a better assurance that they are looking out for your budget while still giving you a great product.  Maybe just as importantly, suppliers who provide customer glass countertops using recycled gals are just as aware of the good using recycled glass does for the environment.  So by patronizing suppliers of recycled custom glass installations, you do the earth some good and give your budget a break at the same time.  That is a great combination.
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