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When you think of kitchen countertops, usually we picture tile or some form of laminate such as Formica.  But in the last few years, glass countertops have taken off.  The reason is simple, Glass countertops deliver just as much functionality and toughness as any other countertop material but the style and beauty that glass contributes to your kitchen design is superior.

Considering glass as a kitchen countertop material opens up a huge amount of creative options to you.  Glass can be easily molded and customized so that the countertop installation you put in your kitchen can be just as unique as you and your family are.  Many interior decorators know that if a customer has a vision of their perfect kitchen, often glass countertops are able to live up to that vision because just about any color or style or look you can imagine can be archived with glass counters.

There is a certain myth and lore about glass countertops that you will quickly abandon when you become more familiar with the craftsmanship that goes into making these fine counters.  That myth is that because glass countertops are so lovely and artistic that they need to be pampered as though they are fragile.  Some of that lore comes from the fact that glass countertops are glass, after all.  One would think that glass would not hold up to heat or rigorous use.

But that myth is flawed because glass countertops can hold their own in any kitchen setting just as well as most other countertop materials.  Because glass is not porous, cleanup is a breeze and it is easy to keep glass countertops perfectly hygienic.  For that fussy mom that insists in a germ free kitchen, glass counters are the way to go because with wipe of a rag with a good detergent, glass countertops become that germ free environment quickly and they stay that way.

Glass countertops are also not in the least bit fragile as the lore would have us believe.  Most glass counter products can resist tremendous amounts of heat and stand up to impact and other standard wear and tear that any kitchen countertop would have to stand up to.  There is no reason to avoid glass countertops because they are fragile.  

But this does not mean that there is not some care to be taken when living with glass countertops.  The primary enemy of glass countertops is cutting and scratching.  There are two easy habits to adopt to avoid inflicting any damage on your glass counters.  One is a habit most cooks already observe which is to use a cutting board when preparing food.  This is a common practice that will protect your glass countertops from cuts most of the time.

The other good habit to get into when you live with beautify glass countertops is to never drag a pot or other kind of kitchenware across the countertop surface.  This is the number one cause of scratches in glass countertops.  By simply treating your glass counters with the same respect and tender loving care you already give to your fine furniture, they will last for years if not decades and continue looking shiny and beautify and elegant for your family or for your guests when they come to call.
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