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The elegant look of glass countertops can be the crowning touch of a delightfully designed kitchen.  Because there is so much variety in the styles, colors and textures of glass countertops, you can find just the thing to fit the interior decorating theme or look that you are going for.  Whether you go with a simple consistent color or custom glass countertop with imbedded shapes or objects, when your glass countertop is properly installed, it will draw compliments and admiration from family and guests alike for many years to come.

Unlike when you install a tile countertop, you will only have a few large plates of glass to work with when you are doing most glass countertop installations.  This is an advantage and a disadvantage.  The advantage is that once one of the plates of countertop material is in place, it is an unbroken surface of glass.  Glass is not porous so your instillation will be as sanitary as it is beautiful.  But the disadvantage is that you must "get it right the first time" because if you install a large section of glass countertop and discover a flaw, it can be difficult to pull it up to correct the problem.

Most of the detail work for installing glass countertops happens before the actual glass panels arrive.  Of utmost importance is that your measurements are absolutely perfect.  Measurement must be meticulous which includes the angles of the corners as well as the width and length of each panel.  When you are examining and preparing a section of your new kitchen for the glass countertops you will install, do not assume that all of the corners are exactly square.  Measure them then measure them again.  Even a tiny variation can throw off the installation.

The surface upon which you will lay down your glass countertops requires preparation as well.  But all of this work can be done in advance of the arrival of the actual countertops.  Obviously, the surface must be perfectly clean and ready to receive the countertops.  Also, make sure that the surface is perfectly level and without variations.  When you lay the glass panels in place to seal for a permanent installation, small pockets can trap moisture or weaken the final installation.  Correct those problems before you begin your installation.

Also think though how your glass countertops will line up with the surrounding walls or appliances.  You will put sealant between the glass panels and the surrounding walls or the edge of your stove.  If the glass part of your countertop does not cover the entire surface that you are working with, plan ahead how you will seal the edge so the installation is smooth and strong.

When you have done a great job preparing your kitchen for the installation of your glass countertops, the actual task of laying the panels in place will go smoothly.  But, as we have discussed, details count.  Unless you have a lot of experience with this kind of installation work, most people find that using the installation knowledge of a professional is entirely worth the money.  After all, that beautiful countertop is going to make your kitchen look great for many years.  Its worth it to get the installation right so there are no problems when your kitchen is done.
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