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How to Repair a Glass or Recycled Glass Countertop E-mail
Should you damage or break a glass kitchen countertop, there is no simple repair.  Each piece that is damaged would need to be replaced so it is not advisable to use this material in kitchens that experience much traffic.  Color matching can be difficult as colors will vary due to the natural tint of glass, color will change again once exposed to natural and fixed light in your space.

The good news is that modern glass countertops are made to withstand normal day in and day out wear and tear.  The myth that just because these countertops are glass, they are more breakable that other materials is just that - a myth.  Glass countertops hold up to routine use just as well as any other kind of countertop surface.  But just as you would with any fine countertop material, treating that surface with respect and tender loving care will prevent scratches or other minor flaws in the glass countertop surface so you can go much longer before you face the problem of seeking a repair or replacement of the countertop.

If the glass surface of your countertop does sustain a break, that can be a challenge to repair.  You may be able to find a repair specialist that can cut out the damaged section and patch in a piece that repairs the damage.  That is only possible if the color and pattern of your existing countertops can be matched.  If you have an unusual color or pattern or you custom ordered your countertops, it might be difficult to match the damaged section. 

It is for this reason that it might be smart to buy extra panels of your glass countertops when you order them and store them somewhere out of the way.  That might seem extreme but if you have to replace part of your countertops, if you do not have an exact match to what you already have, that may mean completely remodeling the kitchen in the event of a break.  So consider it insurance to buy extra panels of your new recycled glass countertops.  You will be glad you did in a repair situation.

Breaks in your recycled glass countertops will probably not be your biggest repair challenge.  It is far more likely you will see scratches in your counters that you will want to address.  It is possible to work scratches out of your recycled glass countertop with some tender loving care.  To do so, seek out some polishing compound or jeweler's rouge that specifically addresses scratches in glass.  Apply it to the damaged area in a circular motion using a lamb's wool buffing pad.  Whitening toothpaste sometimes works as well but you don't want anything that has bleach in it if your countertops are tinted.

Every so often gently wash away the compound and check how well the scratches are being removed.  Now mix two ounces of ammonia with two quarts of water and wipe down the counter area thoroughly.  Finally use a lint free towel to dry the counter top completely.  Upon inspection, many small scratches will be repaired entirely.  Larger scratches may only be diminished but often this process reduces their effect so well that they will be almost unnoticeable.  And since this process is not difficult or damaging, you can repeat the repair process as much as you wish until you get your glass countertop scratches under control.
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