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Placing Hot Pans on Glass Countertops E-mail
Few would deny the way glass countertops add a lot of beauty and class to any kitchen.  But there are things that seem to hold people back from considering glass as one of their countertop options when it comes to a new kitchen installation.  Part of the hesitancy might be that glass counters look so elegant; it seems they would be prohibitively expensive.  While the cost of glass counters is not cheap, it is worth it to invest in such a high quality kitchen and in countertops that will retain their beauty for years if not decades.

The other misconception is that glass countertops are fragile and that you cannot put hot pans on them or use them as you might if you had a less elegant countertop.  This is a misconception because the truth is that glass countertops are not constructed the way the mirrors in your house are.  They are highly resistant to impact damage so they are made to stand up to the routine day in and day out use that is part of the life of a kitchen countertop.

Similarly, glass countertops are not likely to melt if you put a hot pan down on the counter directly.  Glass countertops are generally made to withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees.  It is absurd to think you would ever get your pots or pans that hot.  So you can relax with your new glass countertops and use them as you would any counter in any kitchen.

The bigger issue when it comes to putting hot pans on a glass countertop might relate to scratching.  It is a good idea to get in the habit of not dragging pots, pans or any kitchen utensils across the surface of your glass countertops.  While scratches can be removed, its best to avoid scratching your counters entirely.  With a little extra effort, even scratching should not be a problem.

If you treat your glass countertops with the same respect and care you would any piece of furniture in your home, they will continue to look great for many years of life.  So feel free to cook and even put hot pots or pans down if you need to.  There is no harm in protecting your glass countertops with potholders especially since that will guard them against scratches.  But your counters are tough so enjoy them fully because they were made to serve your kitchen needs and stay beautiful at the same time.
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