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When you are putting in a new kitchen or remodeling your existing kitchen, the decision to go with glass countertops means you will be adding a lot of class and beauty to your décor.  The variety of colors, textures and designs that you can achieve with glass countertops is truly amazing.  There really is no interior decorating plan for your kitchen that you cannot achieve with glass counters.  

It’s a good idea to learn all you can about glass as an option for your cabinet tops so you understand the care and maintenance issues in advance.  The good news is that glass countertops are not fragile and in need of pampering as you might think.  Just because they are glass, they are not in the same category as your dishes or the mirrors in your house.  Countertops made of glass are quite beautiful and will add an artistic and elegant feel to your kitchen.  But the technology for making glass countertops is advanced so when you install glass in your kitchen counters, it can be just as durable and resistant to wear and tear as any other countertop material.

Just as the money and effort you put into remodeling your kitchen is an investment, your glass countertops add tremendous value to your home.  As such, they deserve the kind of care and maintenance that you would give to any important part of your home.  While glass counters are able to resist high temperatures and weights, if they are not cleaned and cared for properly, they can begin to look shabby and lose their natural beauty.  Here are a few tips for the proper care for glass countertops.

·    One of the real benefits of glass countertops is that glass is not porous so liquids cannot get down into the counters themselves.  But your counters should be cleaned regularly to keep them looking great and sanitary.  Any standard kitchen soap with warm or hot water will work well to clean your glass counters.  Avoid abrasive cleaners so you don’t introduce scratches.  This is especially important with recycled glass countertops.

·    If you had your countertops custom made, make sure your installer gives you a list of specific cleaning tips that apply to your countertops.  Also if you are using recycled glass for your counters, take note of how long it has been since they were resealed.  Plan to have them inspected and possibly resealed every two to three years so the bonding that holds them in place doesn’t begin to deteriorate.

·    As you would with any countertop, do not drop heavy objects on your glass counters.  They can withstand the weight but the sudden impact could damage them.

·    Another habit to develop is to not drag pots or other kitchen tools on the surface of your glass countertops.  Glass can be scratched and that reduces the beauty of your countertops.

·    If you selected and installed a glass countertop type that has a texture that has grooves in it, you should use a cloth or sponge that makes it possible for you to clean between the grooves regularly to keep every corner of your countertops looking great.

If you put the same tender loving care into your glass countertops that you do for your carpet and your furniture, you will be assured of a beautiful and long lasting look in your kitchen for many years to come.

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