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Thickness and Weight of Glass Countertops E-mail
When you are designing your new kitchen, the thickness and weight of the materials can make a difference both in the price of the countertops you install and in how well they stand up to heavy use.  Generally, glass that is prepared specifically for countertops is a heavy gauge of glass that is delivered in sheets in thicknesses of one-half to one inch.  When you are considering your glass countertop investment, a general guideline for a private home installation would be three quarter inch glass, which will represent of weight of about ten pounds per square foot.

Another factor that will influence cost besides the weight and thickness of the glass will be the texture you select for your glass countertops.  That fog pattern you see in many glass countertops models is achieved using sandblasting.  Another creative pattern is made by shattering glass on purpose and then setting the broken pieces between clear glass layers.  "Slumping" is also a popular style of glass counter top as well that is achieved by melting gals into shapes and then imbedding that into clear layers that are the surface of the glass.

If you wish to have a different color for your glass countertops than the standard color of light green, ordering a tinted glass is not a function of the thickness or weight of the glass.  Usually the color effect you want is done by adding a colored opaque coating on the backside of the glass, which is then seen through the clear or light green top layers.  In addition to creating interesting effects in the way glass countertops are created, there are tricks of installation your countertop professionals can explain to add more variety to the look of your kitchen.

If you feel that you want a glass countertop that is exceptionally resistant to heat or breakage, adding additional thickness or weight is really not necessary.  Glass countertops are not like mirrors or the glass you drink your wine from at night.  Countertop glass is made to be able to stand up to as much as 700 degrees of heat and never have a problem.  So most people will never need a countertop that is stronger than that.

Glass countertops are also quite robust in resisting breakage or damage.  They can hold up to a significant weight load and not break.  Just show proper care to not drop heavy objects on the glass and it should stand up to daily wear and tear for years.  Also, be aware of the effect of fingerprints, scratching or watermarks.  If you take good care of your glass countertops in the same way you care for the furniture in your home, it will serve you and your family and stay beautiful for a long time to come.
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