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One should not make the mistake of assuming that because glass countertops are made of glass which is a manufactured product that glass countertops are inexpensive.  The elegant and sophisticated look you get with glass countertops comes with a similar price as you might expect from other fine interior design products.  Glass countertops are made to stand up to a much higher demand in use than other types of glass.  They can withstand tremendous heats and significant weights and still retain their phenomenal beauty.  It is for that reason that glass countertops rank in the same typical cost ranges with naturally mined stones.

In general, you can expect to pay in the range of $50 per square foot for glass countertops not including shipping or installation.  That price can vary widely depending on how much effort you made into looking for discount products and on how elaborate your kitchen decorating scheme is.  If you go with a "standard" glass countertop installation, that will keep your costs closer to that general estimate.  But if you go with a textured glass or you customize the look you want, it is natural that you can expect that price to go up.

Naturally, a typical glass countertop cost will be influenced by where you are in the country and the size, the type, the finish and the color of the countertop you want to buy.  As with anything else, it is going to cost you more to buy glass countertops in California than it would in Nebraska simply because of the local economy and tax issues.  Also, the location of the manufacturers of glass countertops relative to your installation will have an influence on cost whether you buy the countertops directly or from a local installer.  Glass countertops are heavy and require careful packing and shipping and that runs up costs.

There are ways to bring down the costs of getting the look of glass countertops without sacrificing quality too seriously.  For example, by looking at your installation, you could buy high quality glass countertop material for areas that will see a lot of use and visibility and glass laminate in other areas where the difference will not be apparent.  

Another great way to cut the cost and make a purchase choice that is ecologically correct is to go with recycled glass countertops.  The quality is just as good but the cost is noticeably lower.  And you do your part to save the earth as well.  So consider that option because it can give your kitchen remodeling budget a big break.
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