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It is a misconception to think of glass as a possible countertop component as boring.  Perhaps because we think of glass as what we use to see through in our car or house windows, that misconception carries through when we imagine using glass countertops in a big kitchen remodeling project.  In the last few years, interior decorators responded to some genuine creative design that was being done by manufacturers of glass countertops to open up glass an excellent alternative when you are planning a new kitchen.

In fact, the limitations of the shape, the color, the textures or the patterns of glass have been blown away so completely that these days, the only limits to what you can do with glass countertops is in your imagination and how much you want to spend.  The natural color of the glass that is used in countertops is a light green.  

But you can find just about any tint you can imagine when you begin to look for a glass countertop to fit your décor.  To accomplish the effect of color, usually glass countertop makers lay the glass on a colored backing which then allows the color to flow through.  You can get glass that is actually tinted the color you want but that is often a custom order which is more expensive.

Along with a huge variety of colors, the things that can be done with textures can create a striking and highly original effect for your kitchen.  Textures can be as elegant and simple or delightfully ornate as you wish.  There are four basic approaches to texturing glass countertops.  While sandblasting seems like an extreme way to handle a glass countertop that will be used as part of your interior design, it is this technique that is used to create a fog look rather than clear glass.  Sandblasting can also be used to etch a pattern into the glass for a custom look.

Another special effect is to actually imbed broken glass within the laminated top of a glass countertop.  When the broken glass is of a variety of consistency and color, that can make for a striking look.  A similar approach is used for a striking special effect calls for melting glass into fascinating patterns and three dimensional shapes and layering those into the underside of the glass countertop.  This texturing technique is call slumping.

Along with these custom effect, new looks can be created by using glass of a different weight or by cutting it to a unique shape.  In addition, a stunning effect is often done with glass countertops by backlighting it from underneath so the countertop itself emits a soft glow that is also designed to fit the overall décor of the kitchen.

No longer are countertops just boring white tops where you cut vegetables.  Now with the delightful and diverse possibilities, glass countertops can make a contribution to the beauty of the room while remaining just as functional as ever.
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