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Putting glass countertops in your kitchen is a bold design statement that adds elegance, a modern feel and lots of beauty at the same time.  There are a lot of choices to make when remodeling a kitchen.  The type of kitchen counters to put in is just one decision but it is an important one.  The kitchen counters may stand out second only to the floor or the color and design of the cabinets.  So its important that the countertops fit in and add to the décor scheme that you have in mind.

If you are considering glass countertops, you fit in with unique group of people.  But it is a growing group of people because glass countertops are one of the most popular choices in interior decorating right now.  

So who chooses glass countertops?  Well for one thing, people who dig a little deeper and don't let preconceptions get in the way of a wonderful countertop choice.  It is a preconception that glass countertops are fragile and will break easily.  It is also a preconception that glass countertops cannot resist heat and are difficult to take care of.  Modern designs in glass countertops are just as tough and durable as any other counter material.  So you can have all the beauty of glass and none of those negatives that have persisted in myth.

Glass countertops have a natural feel about that because glass is something we are accustomed to in other areas of life.  People that choose glass countertops like a lot of variety in what they can do with their décor.  You are not limited to green or clear glass in a countertop material by any means.  The variety of colors, designs, densities and textures that are available in glass counters is exhaustive.  

If you cannot find the perfect look and feel in a glass countertop, it is simple to design your own custom look that fits your vision for what you want that room to look like.  You can even imbed objects such as stones or seashells in your glass countertops, which is another variation on a very basic decorating idea.

People who choose glass countertops also like to look for ways to find a green or earth friendly alternative even in their remodeling decisions.  Recycled glass countertops is a very popular choice because you can get just as many variety and top quality choices with recycled glass as you can with a newly manufactured product.  

That means that the very glass that you took the time to recycle each week could be part of your new kitchen tops.  So you are continuing to do your part to save the environment even while using one of the most elegant and beautiful interior design choices for your countertops.  That design choice is one that more and more people are picking each year.  And that design choice is glass countertops.
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