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Granite countertops are the best types of kitchen countertops available. They are heat-resistant and durable. They can also resist mildew and mold and can withstand freezing temperatures. Granite countertops come in different colors to suit any kitchen color scheme. Their thickness usually measures at least 3 centimeters which is the ideal width for kitchen use.

What is granite?

Granite is a crystalline rock that is formed from cooling the magma found beneath the earth's surface. It is made of feldspar and quartz that have formed together after being subjected to high pressure. Granite is a very strong material and can withstand extreme temperatures. It is virtually scratch and cut-resistant.

However, granite is difficult to obtain and produce. Therefore, granite countertops are costly and high maintenance. Since granite is a natural element, countertops made of this material can crack and absorb stains easily.

Types of granite countertops

There are many different way you can use granite as a kitchen countertop. One way is by choosing the kind of edge detail you want. Edge details differ in the radius and overall shape or curve of your granite countertop edges. The kinds of edge details are the full bullnose, half bullnose, eased edge, ogee edge, quarter bevel edge, and demi bullnose.

Bullnose edge details are curved, and they have a radius of 5/8 inch to 1 ΒΌ inches. Eased edge details are rectangular with slight curves at the two corners. They have a radius of about 1/8 inch. Ogee edge details are irregularly-shaped with a slightly longer piece jutting out of the countertop. Quarter bevel edge details are rectangular and have one of the corner edges tapered off.

Granite countertops come in a myriad of colors and marbling effects. They give kitchen countertops a more natural and dramatic look. The basic granite colors are white, black, gray, and brown while the more bolder colors are green, teal, yellow, and blue. There are some granite countertops available that come in animal print marbling that resembles leopard fur.

The backsplash height is also another granite countertop feature that you can alter. Depending on your preference and your kitchen structure, granite backsplashes can be V-shaped, L-shaped, or curved. Their height can range from three to five inches.

You can customize kitchen inserts to match the overall granite color of your kitchen. Kitchen inserts are where hot pans are usually placed. They can also accommodate other kitchen essentials like built-in sinks.

For kitchens with larger floor areas, you can also use granite countertops for the center island. The center island is the table or counter at the center of the kitchen where food preparation and dining are done. The granite countertop for your center island can come in the same colors as your granite kitchen countertop or in complementary colors.

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