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In a world dominated by plastic, metal and artificial, natural rocks return more and more to our attention, re-integrating themselves into any space, public or private. Natural rocks have always managed to touch the human soul and lead it into a world of grace and symmetry. These are materials that are turning the age-old human desire to create and to have beautiful, friendly and sustainable living spaces.

Classic or contemporary, avant-garde or conservative, granite finds its place in both our spaces and our hearts. Because of its high density, granite is resistant to various types of bacteria, a property that recommends it to be used in different environments, especially bathrooms and kitchens.

Granite keeps its appearance, brightness, and also its colour and texture for a long time, getting to be recognized as one of the favourite modern building materials. In addition, it can be manufactured in various sizes with different thicknesses. Granite is one of the most durable and aesthetic construction materials, with a wide variety of colours and textures. It is easy to clean in the interior, and in the area.

Kitchen countertops made of granite tiles are an extremely good solution for anyone who wants to have a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere in their kitchen while still having privacy and warmth. Granite tiles are both durable and strong and preserve all the qualities of granite. They can be found in a variety of shades and colours and will match a great variety of kitchen furniture styles, from timber to metal pieces.

Granite tile countertops have many advantages because they combine the qualities of granite stone (durability, beauty, temperature resistant, variety of colours, hygienic material, natural material) with a very affordable price. Another great advantage that can be taken into consideration is the fact that the tiles can be installed by the homeowner with little difficulty. There are companies that provide instructions for manufacturing and installing granite tile countertops.

Due to its porous composition granite tile countertops require periodic maintenance: sealing, waxing and polishing. If not properly maintained, the surface of the countertop loses its luster and can stain. Subjected to strong impact, granite tiles can crack. For the granite tile kitchen countertop to keep its beauty for a long time, a daily maintenance is necessary. This is done by cleaning the counter with a pH neutral solution, immediately removing spilled liquids from the leaf surface with a clean, soft and absorbent cloth. Re-sealing and waxing can be done regularly (usually once a year) for waterproofing.

Any natural rock must be treated with a waterproofing solution, which makes the material less porous, but only small quantities of solution must be consumed. Granite is a material that doesn’t absorb large amounts of these substances. Not to be confused - waterproofing chemicals are not lacquers which remain on the surface of the material and exfoliate like nail polish afterwards. Waterproofing substances have the property of penetrating the gaps of the crystalline network of materials so that water, coffee, wine or blood will not stain the rock. Sealing substances can applied with a rag with which to wipe the leaf surface of the granite tile countertop. The most appropriate substances to be used for sealing are the ones recommended by the countertop manufacturer.

If you follow all the recommendations regarding maintenance, granite tile kitchen countertops can be the ideal solution for your kitchen because it combines these important elements: natural material, beauty, durability, extremely affordable price.
Nature cannot be surpassed when it comes to beauty.

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