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How Can I Avoid Stains on My Granite Countertop? E-mail
Image If you are planning to get a whole new look for your kitchen space, you should consider installing a granite countertop as this surface its a good place to start. Almost every granite countertop is likely to be a unique creation mainly because its design and pattern vary from one granite countertop to another. But just like almost any type of natural stone, granite countertops must be sealed on a regular basis mainly because granite surfaces are porous. This is the main reason why granite countertops are prone to accelerated aging and if you do not clean and maintain your granite countertop in the right way, you will expose it to a great amount of wear.

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However, maintenance on a granite countertop is likely to be minimal when compared to other types of kitchen countertops all you will have to do is to get spills and stains up immediately by using a mild cleaning agent. Granite countertops come with several pros that include their one of a kind appearance, increased resistance to high temperature and heat, strength and durability. However, granite countertops can be extremely susceptible to stains unless they are sealed in the correct way. Also, they are pretty expensive. But the durability of your granite countertop will make your costly investment worth it.

Maintenance is crucial in the case of a granite countertop as no natural stone is totally indestructible. So, you will have to handle your granite countertop with great and special care and follow the specific directions provided by the manufacturer. Usually, granite countertops are quite tough and they are very likely to withstand liquids spilled all over them but a polished granite countertop is more sensitive. For instance, no granite countertop is to be used as a cutting surface on a regular basis.

Rough and harsh cleaners are to be avoided as well use warm water mixed with a dishwashing fluid in order to clean your granite countertop. Also, you should avoid placing hot appliances, pans and pots over your granite countertop mainly because granite minerals are likely to fracture slightly. For instance, pulling things across your granite countertop could easily scratch its polished surface thus making the whole surface prone to even more stains.        

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