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How Much Does a Granite Countertop Weigh? E-mail
ImageWhen looking for a granite countertop for your kitchen space, you will have to consider its weight and thickness in order to make a wise choice. Weight and thickness will depend on the dimension of your granite countertop. For instance, a larger piece of granite countertop is likely to be heavier and thicker when compared to a smaller piece. Granite countertops are designed to support their weight plus the weight of other kitchen items placed on them.

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A thicker granite countertop comes with extra weight as well. For instance, a smaller granite piece designed for kitchen use can be somewhere between 30 and 80 pounds. Usually, the lighter granite countertops are used for single kitchen sinks while larger granite countertops are used in order to cover even the entire work area in a kitchen space. Here are the main formulae you can use in order to determine the weight of your granite countertop:     

3cm or 1-1/4 thick granite weighs about 18+- pounds per square ft.

2cm or 3/4 thick granite weighs about 12+- pounds per square ft.

So, if you go for a granite countertop that is 3cm or 1-1/4 thick, 2ft X 10ft. that would be 20 square ft. 20 sq ft X 18 pounds per square ft. = 360 pounds.

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