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Granite kitchen countertops are some of the most desirable kitchen countertops in the United States today.  The qualities of a granite countertop make it perfect for many of the common uses of a kitchen countertop and its beauty is hard to match with another product.  Granite kitchen countertops have many advantages over their competitors and that is the reason why granite countertops are so popular today. 

One of the main advantages granite kitchen countertops have over the competition is that every kitchen countertop made of granite is unique.  The properties of the stone ensure that stone obtained from quarries in different locations around the world or even different areas of the same quarry will have a unique pattern of colors that can not be duplicated.  A project using granite stone must be completed all at once because there is no guarantee that the homeowner will be able to find the right color combination in the stone ever again. 

Another one of the advantages granite countertops possess is the ease of cleaning the countertop.  The surface of a granite kitchen countertop is as smooth as glass, allowing most messes to be wiped up quickly and cleanly.  The countertop is resistant to stains, is waterproof, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, and mold.  The countertop is also heat resistant, allowing the homeowner to place hot objects directly onto the countertop without worrying that the countertop will burn.  This ease of use and lack of required maintenance makes the granite kitchen countertop a very attractive option for many homeowners.

Granite countertops are considered elegant by all who see them. 

As a premium material to manufacture kitchen countertops from, granite is second only to marble.  The look of a granite countertop in the kitchen has a way of defining the look of the entire kitchen.  A granite countertop possesses an inner illumination that has a way of softening the room and giving it a more sophisticated appearance. Many individuals like the way that a granite countertop has small flecks of light present within the rock which can be seen from the surface descending deep within the stone.  There is no other material on earth quite like it. 

The price of a granite countertop can range from very expensive to affordable.  This is another one of the advantages granite has over its closest competition.  The reason that granite covers such a wide range of prices is that it can be purchased in several different forms.  The most expensive form is a custom made granite kitchen countertop made out of slabs of granite.  Not only is this countertop extremely heavy, but it can withstand almost any type of damage that may occur to it.  Because this type of granite kitchen countertop requires the use of so much granite, not to mention the amount of labor needed to install the countertop, a custom made granite countertop can end up costing the homeowner a great deal of money. 

A more affordable option in granite kitchen countertops is the modular option.  Modular granite kitchen countertops also uses slabs of granite, but the slabs are thinner and more easily managed.  Modular granite kitchen countertops can be installed professionally, but many homeowners prefer to obtain the materials and complete the project themselves.  A self-installed countertop can reduce the price of a granite kitchen countertop by almost half.  The reduce price for a countertop made of high quality material is an important advantage over other materials.

The least expensive option for granite kitchen countertops is the countertops made out of granite tiles.  This is the thinnest and weakest option of granite countertop, although countertops made of granite tiles are still very strong.  The main advantages granite tile countertops has over ceramic tile countertops is that granite tiles rarely crack and can be easily laid flat end to end.  Many individuals choose to make creating a granite tile kitchen countertop into a do-it-yourself project, creating a kitchen countertop that will last for years and that looks beautiful.

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