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For a beautiful addition to your home, you may want to consider installing granite kitchen countertops in the kitchen of the home.  Beside the look of the countertop, granite kitchen countertops can provide many benefits to the homeowner that cannot be found in other countertop materials.  The properties of the granite make it one of the best countertop materials on the market today.

Polished granite is one of the loveliest building materials available and many individuals over the years have incorporated granite kitchen countertops into their home to give their home a classy and sophisticated look.  Granite has many different colors present in the stone and each countertop created from granite is unique because each piece of stone used to create the countertop is unique.  Some granite countertops have gray as the prominent tone of the granite while some others have a pinkish hue due to the flecks of pink and white present in the stone.

Granite kitchen countertops are some of the most durable types of countertop on the market, due to the remarkable strength of the stone.  The strength of granite stone is legendary, with some individuals claiming that only diamond is harder.  The strength of the stone makes the countertop nearly impervious to scratches, nicks, and cracks and ensures that the countertop will last in excellent condition for many years.

Granite kitchen countertops are also impervious to the many common kitchen tasks that damage many other types of kitchen countertops.  A person could cut meat and vegetables directly on the countertop without scoring the top of the countertop, although the process would dull knives relatively quickly.  Hot items such as pans and baking dishes can be placed on the countertop without protection between the item and the countertop because the granite used in the countertop is heat resistant to temperatures well above what is generally used for cooking.

Maintaining granite kitchen countertops is easier than the maintenance required by many of the other countertop materials.  The countertop can be cleaned with a simple solution of soap and water and wiped with a soft cloth so that the finish of the countertop is not marred.  To keep the countertop looking like new, it can be resealed with a clear sealant every year or two to fill in any small scratches that have appeared in the finish and keep the stone of the countertop protected from any items that could mar or damage it.

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