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Kenmore Elite UltraWash HEThe Kenmore Elite® Dishwasher with Ultra Wash® HE has everything a homeowner could possibly want in a dishwasher. This innovative product raises the bar when it comes to dishwasher efficiency and effectiveness. It also operates very quietly, which is a huge plus in most households. It is barely audible, and allows users to easily entertain guests or watch television in the same room while the unit is running.

The best feature, arguably, is the Ultra Wash® HE technology, which eliminates the need to pre-rinse dishes before running them through the dishwasher. It has been demonstrated to clean tough messes 15 percent better than other dishwashers, while using 24 percent less water to do so.

This dishwasher also includes SmartWash®HE sensors, which adjust both the quantity and temperature of water according to the size and the amount of soil present in each load. An initial adjustment is made at the beginning of the cycle, and then adjust two additional times based on how tough the remaining soil is. The innovative sensor system ensures optimal cleaning and efficiency by calibrating on an ongoing basis to control for the effects of build-up.


Additional features include: pressurized spray nozzles, steam sanitizing power to clean 99.999 percent of certain bacteria, and a unique bottomless filter that remove soils and food particles throughout the cycle.

The Kenmore Elite® Dishwasher with Ultra Wash® HE exceeds the 2007 ENERGY STAR®, and actually qualifies for a tax credit in many US states. Purchasers who upgrade to a Kenmore Elite® Dishwasher with Ultra Wash® HE  can expect to save up to 34 percent on their power bill and more than 40 percent on their water bills.

Four different models are available at Sears stores, and prices range from $799 to $1,249 based on color and model. For more information, see or

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