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Elegant Countertop Options With the GraniteLoc System E-mail

GraniteLoc fused granite and stone tilesDo you love the idea of granite kitchen countertops, but prefer a more economical solution to bringing upscale elegance into your kitchen design? The GraniteLoc System may be the perfect solution to your countertop dilemma. You'll enjoy the look and feel of granite countertops and backsplashes for about 25% less than granite slab countertops.

Brought to design and budget conscious homeowners by Granite Division, Inc., the unique, patented GraniteLoc System fuses together granite and natural stone tiles using color-matched poly-resins that are resistant. The result is a beautiful 

countertop surface available in pre-cut pieces that are elegant in appearance, easy to handle, and affordably priced.  

Homeowners who use the GraniteLoc System for their kitchen countertop design can choose among granite with inlaid honey onyx, granite with complementary or contrasting edge bands or highlights in a rainbow of choices, or understated sophisticated and sleek tones. Homeowners can create the kitchen décor of their dreams using GraniteLoc System tiles, limited only by the extent of their imaginations.

Not only are counters crafted from GraniteLoc System slabs beautiful and affordably priced, they are also durable, practical, and easy to maintain. Since the surface is created from natural granite and other stones, and is sealed during the manufacturing process, it resists stains and requires little or no maintenance to remain elegant in appearance.
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