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Concrete Countertops for Modern Kitchen DesignLooking for an elegant and durable solution to updating your kitchen countertops? Do you want something more upscale and durable than laminate, yet less expensive than granite or marble? Concrete might be the perfect solution to your kitchen design dilemma. Concrete countertops have been around for a long time, and are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen design. Concrete has actually become one of the most popular materials for modern kitchen countertops.

In response to the growing demand for kitchen countertops made from this material, the  QUIKRETE Companies have introduced a new concrete mix designed especially for use in kitchen counter top construction. Perfect for both cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete countertops, this specially formulated concrete mix features a super-plasticizer additive, high-flow, and reduced-shrinkage.

QUIKRETE concrete mix for countertops is supported by a range of colorants and stains, making it easy to customize counters made from this material to coordinate with virtually every décor. The finished countertops can also be sealed, for the ultimate in durability. For more information, see
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