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Distressed Wood CountertopsBring the beauty and character of distressed wood into the kitchen of even the most contemporary kitchen with Craft-Art distressed wood countertops. With Craft-Art’s custom wood countertop collection, homeowners can enjoy the classic worn look and ambiance of antiques with brand new, high quality wood countertops. Distressing gives wood a used look emulating the beauty of naturally aged wood found in antique furniture.

Executing this aging process well requires a high degree of craftsmanship. Distressing wood is the hardest thing to do to a piece of wood according to industry wood experts. When buying a Craft-Art distressed wood countertop from homeowners can be comfortable that the highest level of work and skill goes into the production of the finished surface. Craft-Art focuses on providing the most trained levels of distressing in the marketplace. 

Customers can have a say in the finished look of their custom distressed wood countertops, and can even participate in the process of they choose to do so. “Our finished products are beautiful, but we are offering more than that. We provide a complete, quality customer experience including the opportunity for a homeowner to visit our manufacturing plant and participate in type of distressing they want.” said Ken Williamson, founder and CEO of the Craft-Art Company, Inc. “We consider the purchasing experience for one of our countertops like that of buying art, you should select exactly what you want and love.”

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