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Eliminate Contaminants With the Clear 2o Filtration SystemLooking for a way to purify the water from your kitchen sink? The Clear2O™ Water Filtration System produces cleaner water and removes five times more certified contaminants through a unique carbon filter that utilizes pressure to force the water through solid carbon.

This technique eliminates more contaminants than the granulated or powered carbon found in similar products. The bottom line is that you and your family can enjoy cleaner, healthier, great tasting water from your kitchen sink when you use a CLEAR2O™ home water filtration system.

The Clear2O™ Water Filtration System provides consumers with tangible, identifiable and immediate lifestyle solutions that address water purity and issues surrounding the safety of tap water and aging home plumbing systems. In addition, the system provides users with maximum convenience in both filling and capacity. With it’s quick connect feature and pressurized

filter system, the Clear2O™ pitcher It simply attaches to the kitchen faucet and immediately fills with purified, clean water. It fills as much as nine times faster as the leading competitor. While traditional water filter pitchers employ a filtration reservoir which reduces purified water capacity, the Clear2O™ pitcher’s space-saving design eliminates the need for a filtration reservoir to increase capacity.

The Clear2O™ Water Filtration System is also equipped with an intelligent filter indicator that lets you know when it’s time to change filters. The indicator is built directly into the pitcher cover and changes color to keep users informed about filter quality and remaining useful life. Visit  for more information.

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