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Superior Style and Durability With the Swanstone Ascend Kitchen Sink E-mail

Swanstone Ascend Granite SinkSwanstone’s innovative new Ascend kitchen sink combines the benefits of a large and small bowl sink into one innovative, functional, and beautiful design. Ascend features the ten-inch depth a large single bowl sink that makes it easy to wash large pans and baking sheets. Additionally, the

Ascend includes a unique, six-inch deep shallow platform at a comfortable height, which offers an ideal space for food preparation and washing smaller items. The platform is an optimum height for resting a pot while filling with water without having to empty the basin to make room, and the smaller basin area still allows for smaller loads, and less water use.

Even when deep filling the whole sink, there are still two distinct areas under the water. This means that you can utilize the benefits of both depths simultaneously. For example, you can keep sharp or fragile items separate from other objects when hand-washing a sink full of dishes.

Swanstone recently showed Celebrity Chef David Slay the new Ascend. "This is a remarkable sink,” said Slay.



“Not only is it beautiful, it may be the most functional sink today. It can hold the largest pans and sheets, but still has distinct spaces for prep and cleanup, for wet and dry work. Design like this is important in any busy kitchen."

The Swanstone Ascend sink is made of granite that consists of 80% actual quartz natural stone, which makes them virtually indestructible. Ascend is available in a drop in and under mount style, with retail prices ranging from $415 to $455 USD. For a complete line of Swanstone kitchen countertops and sinks, and to see results of recent independent products test, visit

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