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ImageOnce you decide to try and harmonize your kitchen countertop with the rest of the materials from this space, you should definitely go for a quartz countertop as this countertop provides more benefits when compared to other materials. For instance, just like with granite countertops, a quartz countertop is wonderful for use and very durable when it comes to a kitchen space.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop
by SilestoneUSA

Also, an engineered quartz countertop will provide almost the exact appearance of the granite countertop. However, in the case of a quartz countertop, the texture will be more equal. Also, quartz countertops lack the common and natural dramatic grains that are so characteristic to the real granite countertops. Additionally, quartz countertops come with lots of builder advantages for instance, quartz countertops come with warrants and are commonly installed by professionals who are trained by the manufacturer/distributor.

With a quartz countertop, you will also get astonishing usefulness as you can choose from a wide rage of patterns and designs. For instance, a quartz countertop can be easily harmonized up with some other kitchen materials. Stainless steel appliances and travertine backsplashes can be a perfect match for a quartz countertop that looks in a similar way. Quartz countertops are designed to combine all the best qualities of natural stone surfaces and laminate counters thus becoming a real cutting edge product that can enhance the functionality of your kitchen space. Here are some of the most convincing benefits that can be brought by a quartz countertop.

First, this material is actually the most durable manufactured or stone countertop you can purchase for your kitchen space. Also, you can choose to install some monolithic slabs or quartz tiles on your shower walls as well. There are plenty of design colors choices available in the case of a quartz countertop and all you will have to do is to pick one that really matches the rest of your kitchen dcor. Also, custom edges can be created in the case of quartz countertops.

Additionally, a quartz countertop doesnt need to be polished or sealed like granite countertops. When installing a quartz countertop in your kitchen, you will also be able to install an under mounted sink while the faucets can be installed right on the quartz countertop. Hot pans and pots can be placed on such a surface but its better to avoid doing this too often. Quartz countertop can provide your home with extra value as well.

Regarding mold and bacteria, they will have a hard time trying to take hold of your quartz countertop as this surface is non-porous. However, even if a quartz countertop is nearly indestructible, make sure that you dont pelt its surface with some large diamonds as your countertop may actually chip diamonds are one of the very few materials that are much harder than quartz.            

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