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ImageSilestone countertops are all about being trendy in your kitchen design. This material is unique mainly because it is made from 93% quality quartz bonded with various adhesives including resins. This special mixture provides several advantages when compared to other kitchen countertop materials. Also, this material is stronger when compared to other natural substances such as marble or granite.

Silestone Countertop by SilestoneUSA

Silestone countertops are less likely to crack or chip while being installed; also, they are natural scratch resistant due to the high percentage of quartz from their structure. For instance, you will need no cutting board when cutting foods on a Silestone countertop. Unlike other countertops, the ones made from this material donít require sealing. This means that they are maintenance free as well and this is one of the main reasons why they are so attractive for homeowners. For instance, when investing in a Silestone countertop, you will avoid the hassle of having to reseal this surface on a regular basis in order to maintain its original shine and surface.

However, when it comes to seams, you should be aware that they are not as noticeable in Silestone countertops as they are in granite tops. But natural changes in various colors are still noticeable in the case of a Silestone countertop. Cleaning such kitchen countertops is easy as well but you will have to avoid using too abrasive cleaning products as they can damage its surface. Also, Silestone countertops are quite resistant to some of the toughest stains including grape juice and coffee. For instance, if you end up with a difficult stain, you should use a quality and mild household cleaner Ė soak the Silestone countertop for about 9-10 minutes and wipe its surface clean. Since your Silestone countertop cannot be easily scratched, you will be able to remove any hardened food from its surface by simply scraping it.

Also, if you are truly worried about all sorts of germs that can be hosted by your Silestone countertop, you can relax because such a countertop comes with a natural Microban protection. This special protection is one of the trademarked products designed to fight germs 24 hours/day. It was added to every Silestone countertop back in 2005 in order to minimize the potential growth of bacteria and germs between regular cleanings. Also, this special protection will not affect the way a Silestone countertop is expected to look.

Color matching isnít a problem in the case of a Silestone countertop as this item is already available in a wide range of colors, styles and patterns that are uniform enough in order for you to take your pick and purchase a countertop that matches your kitchen design. Silestone countertops are among the best investments you can make for your home as they stay functional and extremely good looking for decades to come. Also, they come with a special 10 year warranty that guarantees their resistance and functionality. A Silestone countertop is hypoallergenic and virtually maintenance free and even if it costs a bit more up front, you will discover that it is well worth your investment.

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