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Who chooses solid surface countertops? E-mail
The type of solid surface you want for your kitchen or bath countertop can be a hard decision. You need to consider several factors, such as the thickness, the design of the material, and color patterns and shades. The wrong solid surface countertop may lead to a conflict with the over-all design or theme of your kitchen or bathroom and can cause financial burdens. Fortunately, there are some people who are willing to help you. Here are some people you can turn to when choosing the type of solid surface countertop.

Interior Designer

One of the best people you can turn to when choosing solid surface countertops is a professional interior designer. Interior designers can give you very good advice on possible patterns, colors you can use for your kitchen and bathroom. Before you hire an interior designer, it helps to do a little background check: where they studied, testimonials from previous clients, fees, their specialization, and how much experience they have in countertop design.
Interior designers will usually present you with an illustration of what your kitchen or bathroom will look like with different solid surface countertop designs. This will make it easier to choose countertops without having to buy samples from different manufacturers. Interior designers are very creative and receptive to new concepts, so do not hesitate to bring up your own ideas and make your preferences clear to them.

However, interior designers may charge a lot for their services, so be sure that your interior designer is worth your money. Choose a designer with a lot of experience and positive feedback from previous customers. Independent interior designers are more reliable than those employed at firms, because they do not have a specific style to adhere to.
Also, remember that an interior designer can only help you in the aesthetic aspect of your countertop selection. Do not expect them to answer your questions about durability, capacity, and resistance; you can consult an engineer or contractor for such matters.


Contractors can help you in the functional aspect of your countertop. They can help you choose a solid surface countertop that best fits your home construction, normal kitchen or bathroom use, and the climate in your area. Contractors are more knowledgeable than interior designers when it comes to choosing the type of material and construction for your countertop. They can also recommend alternative materials or combinations if you cannot afford what they recommend. Instead of an illustration a contractor will probably show you a blueprint of the construction plan, which can be hard to understand. You can ask him to explain the blueprint to you. You can also ask a contractor whether it is safe or practical to add decorations or linings, if the budget and structure permits, to add a personal touch.
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