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Why Should I Use a Zinc Countertop? E-mail
Image Using zinc countertops in kitchen spaces is becoming a quite popular trend as these countertops can provide a really warm character in every modern kitchen. The natural color of zinc is likely to be akin to pewter and it can be regarded as a significant departure from the more bland character of a regular stainless steel countertop.

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Concerns over the durability of zinc countertops when compared to stainless steel countertops do not have any basis as these kitchen countertops are dent resistant and impact resistant as well.  Also, the scratches that can appear on this type of surface will contribute to getting a genuine and rustic appeal of your zinc countertop and they should not be regarded as real damage or embellishment to the zinc countertop.

However, if you prefer a refined and immaculate finish for your zinc countertop, you should go for a quality rich film of transparent/clear coat because this type of coat will provide a smoother finish to your zinc countertop. If you are not attracted to the rustic finish of your zinc countertop, you should go for a brisk polishing in order to get a lustrous finish to this surface. Also, you can go for sanding as well in order to remove the unwanted scratches or embellishment. Actually, sanding is going to be completed much faster than other type of finishing. Zinc countertops also come with a positive feature namely that they are completely safe to humans.

Another major benefit provided by zinc countertops is their easy availability – zinc is not as scarce and rare like other popular countertop materials. Additionally, zinc countertops are very handy – for instance, the zinc sheets that are used as kitchen countertops can be rolled and kept soon after you have used them. This way, you will going to save extra space as well. Zinc-made countertops will not rust and they can keep their good looks for a long period of time. Actually, this is one of the main reasons why zinc countertops are such a popular choice among homeowners. For instance, even stainless steel countertops are likely to be affected by rust with time, but zinc alternatives are to be regarded as rust free ones.

However, zinc countertops do have the tendency to get quite discolored with time but this should not be regarded as a major problem as they can be polished and made to look like new. For instance, by using a quality electric power polisher, sanders or wireless drills, you can have your zinc countertop polished. Keep in mind that it’s not advisable to polish your zinc countertop when this is not necessary because this could make the zinc surface weaker and more prone to further damage. When using a zinc countertop in your kitchen space, it means that food stuffs will be put over this surface. But zinc countertops are absolutely safe when it comes to keeping foods over their surface.

Once you notice that your zinc countertop gets various strains of food, all you will have to do is to simply clean the surface with mild detergent solution and water. A zinc based countertop will come with health benefits as well – so, if your kitchen countertop is affected by mildew, bacteria and molds, using such a zinc countertop is to be regarded as a perfect solution as zinc can form a sort of oxidized residue. This oxidized residue is pretty harsh on germs and molds and they will not be able to grow and start breeding on your zinc countertop.      

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