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Typical Pricing of Engineered Stone Countertops E-mail
Engineered stone countertops are becoming very popular among kitchen designers and homeowners nowadays because of their numerous benefits. They now stand among the other high quality stone countertops.

The price range of engineered stone countertops

The price of engineered stone countertops is almost the same as that of granite and quartz countertops – sometimes slightly lower, sometimes slightly higher. This makes engineered stone countertops affordable and accessible to many homeowners and kitchen designers.

The cost of engineered stone countertops usually depends on the color and edging style. They cost anywhere between $50 and $150 per square foot. The price of engineered stone countertops also varies according to the market, brand, and manufacturer. Expert and professional contractors, however, advise homeowners to choose the color over the brand when buying engineered stone countertops. This is because not all brands can offer the color you want or the pattern that can suit your kitchen design.

What comes with the price of engineered stone countertops?

Engineered stone countertops may cost the same as the other types of stone countertops, particularly granite and solid surface, but they offer more and better benefits including the following:

Engineered stone offers a wider variety of color options and patterns for countertops than natural stones.

Because they are nonporous, engineered stone countertops require less maintenance than granite countertops.

They are extremely durable and do not scratch or get cuts easily.

Unlike countertops made of natural stone, engineered stone countertops do not require periodic sealing.

Engineered stone countertops are heat resistant. Unlike granite countertops that can crack when hot pots are regularly placed on them, engineered stone countertops can resist mild to moderate amount of heat.

What is paid for in an engineered stone countertop system?

There are four primary components that you pay for in an engineered stone countertop system. They are:

Engineered stone tiles or slabs. Engineered stone tiles or slabs usually have a thickness of three-fourths of an inch to one and one-fourth inches. They come with a high quality polished front edge. These polished engineered stone slabs are available in various matching colors and patterns.

Precut sink countertops. With engineered stone countertops, customers have the option to choose between two precut under-mount sink designs: single or double bowl system. These precut sinks are usually made of high quality stainless steel.

Backsplashes. Using engineered stone countertop backsplashes can improve the overall appeal of your kitchen area and give it a custom made appearance. Backsplashes usually measure 25.5 inches in length.

Polished edge strips. The polished edge strips used in engineered stone countertops usually serve as the final detail for high end countertops. They usually measure 25.5' x 1.5' x 0.75'.

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