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What Colors are Available for Engineered Stone Countertops? E-mail
Engineered stone countertops come in many different colors. This is one of the reasons why most consumers prefer having their kitchen countertops to be made of engineered stone rather than a natural one. By using engineered stone, you can match the color of your countertop to the color scheme of your kitchen appliances, cabinetry, and the whole kitchen.

Because engineered stone countertops are man made, they can come in any imaginable color. Engineered stone can mimic almost any natural stone color for your kitchen countertop. The most common colors of engineered stone countertops are polished concrete and black granite. Some of the most popular colors available for engineered stone countertops are black, white, off-white, dirty white, beige, peach, pink, red, maroon, purple, blue, navy blue, sky blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, and gray.

Different brands and manufacturers of engineered stone countertops offer different colors. Listed below are some of the popular brands of engineered stone countertops and the kinds of colors they offer.

Cambria is the only company that produces quartz surfaces in the US. For engineered stone countertops, it offers 29 elegant colors that provide warmth and richness and capture the beauty and mystique of natural quartz stone. Some of the colors it offers are Ashford, Chatham, Lancaster, Somerset, Sutton, Kensington, Nottingham, Oxford, Park Gale, Victoria, and Windsor, just to name a few. They are all trademarks colors of Cambria.

Cosentino's Silestone offers 48 different colors that give attractive sparkling quality to its engineered stone countertops. Some of the colors include Absolute Green, Amarillo Palmira, Amarillo Sand, Beige Olimpo, Black Anubis, Blanco Maple, Blue Cielo, Blue Safita, Blue Sahara, Brazilian Brown, Capri Limestone, Caramel Rhine , and Cobalt Blue. They are all of trademark colors of Silestone.

DuPont Zodiaq's engineered stone countertops are made with 93% pure quartz crystal and 7% plastic. These components give the engineered stone countertops natural radiance and depth. DuPont Zodiaq offers more than 25 colors including Cloud White and Space Black. Its three newest colors are Mosaic Gold, a monochromatic ochre gold; Antique Pearl, a light, monochromatic neutral taupe; and Smokey Topaz, a multitoned earth-brown with warm and cool particles.

CaesarStone is an original engineered stone surfacing material. It is made up of nearly 94% natural quartz aggregates. CaesarStone engineered stone countertops are available in a wide range of colors including Twilight, Solo, Medley, Dive, Nova, and Crystal.

With the different colors offered by engineered stone countertops, you do not have to settle for the limited color options of natural stones. Engineered stone can easily mimic the actual natural stone color that you want for your kitchen countertop. You would not only have the color that you want, you would also get a kitchen countertop that has no inconsistent slabs or visible seams.

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